[Interview] – Meet new broke straight boy Malakai White

Say hello to newcomer Malakai White! He’s a 19-year-old guy from Michigan who’s looking to earn some money for a new car. But before we help him get there, we want to learn some more about this cute, soft-spoken guy! Growing up in a relatively small family, Malakai White played a lot of sports when he was younger but began writing around 8th grade when he started to struggle with self-harm and mental illness.

Determined to overcome that on his own, he learned ways to cope and find healthy outlets, and writing became one of those outlets that he now hopes to grow into something more. When he’s not writing, he finds that adventure is something that he really enjoys, and that adventurous and artistic side is why he knows he’ll be a good addition to Broke Straight Boys, eager to share his ideas as we get him started!


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