Küper Ryan fucks Nico Leon and bottoms for Boomer Banks

Fans of Küper Ryan are in for a treat as he appears in the latest CockyBoys release as well as today’s video from Guys in Sweatpants. He raw-fucks Nico Leon is a hot and passionate outdoor scene and bottoms for Boomer Banks and his big cock!


CockyBoys – Küper Ryan and Nico Leon

Statuesque duo Nico Leon and Küper Ryan spend a fun and affectionate summer day together which leads to some condom free porch passion in the late afternoon. First though Nico rouses Küper from his nap and it doesn’t take long. A little kissing leads to making out as Nico grinds his ass on Küper’s bulging crotch. But it’s when Nico starts his fat cock that Küper is wide awake and sucking him back enthusiastically.

In little time they’ve switched places with Nico lying back and Küper swallowing his cock and deep diving on his savory hole. In even less time Küper slides his steel cock into Nico and pumps into him and as he goes harder and faster Nico loves it even more. Küper jacks Nico as he thrusts into him, bringing them both to the edge before slowing down. Nico uses this time to suck Küper Ryan again and get his cock spit-lubed before turning around for mire fucking.


Küper pounds Nico from behind with increasing verbal and physical dominance only taking time out to periodically eat his ass. Nico obeys when Küper tells him to ride his cock and he takes every hard thrust of his ass-splitter. Soon they’re both ready to explode and with Küper’ urging Nico leans forward to give him a thick creamy facial. Küper cums over Nico’s hole and slides his cock right back in to stay. Now they’re both ready for a nap… or are they?

Watch Küper Ryan fuck Nico Leon in the full-length CockyBoys video


Watch Küper Ryan fuck Nico Leon’s bare ass at CockyBoys


Guys in Sweatpants – Küper Ryan bottoms for Boomer Banks

There are many ways to make Küper Ryan smile, and telling him you have a 9″ or larger dick is definitely one of them. The last time we saw boomer on the site, he was getting railed out by a big dick, and loving every inch of it. Now he gets his turn on a nice smooth hole. We were out cruising in the Jeep and stopped for a chat, which is when they decided they wanted to fuck in the Jeep.

It’s a surprisingly comfortable vehicle to get bred by a huge cock in a garage. Küper is every top’s dream, making eye contact with Boomer Banks the entire time as he slid all 9.5″ in to the base and didn’t even flinch. You can almost feel it as Boomer thrusts from the tip of his foreskin all the way down his balls, over and over until Küper busts his load in ecstasy just before Boomer breeds his used hole.

Watch Küper take Boomer Banks’ huge cock at Guys in Sweatpants


Watch Küper Ryan bottom for Boomer Banks at Guys in Sweatpants



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