Vic Rocco rims and fucks Liam Knox’s ass in “Haulin’ Ass” part five

The fifth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Haulin’ Ass” brings together two masculine men; Vic Rocco and Liam Knox. The latter one is eating a sandwich in the break room when Vic comes in to use the restroom. Liam Knox can hear Vic Rocco pissing through the door and it’s a massive, steady stream that gets Liam’s attention right away. ‘It sounds like you really had to go.

I wish I could’ve seen that,’ Liam says to Vic in passing. ‘You still can,’ the stud replies, and that’s all it takes for Liam to get down and take Vic’s extra thick dick in his mouth. Liam works it until Vic needs to taste Liam’s ass and splays the muscled hunk out on the table to bury his face in his hairy hole. Vic works his way up to sample Liam’s cock before he bends him over to finally get what he really wants.

Vic slams his cock into Liam’s eager hole and fucks him from behind over the table. Vic picks up the pace plunging in and out of Liam until he flips the stud over to see the look on his face as he gets his hole stretched. Watching Liam as he gets fucked is everything that Vic needs and he pulls out to blast his cum all over Liam’s hairy body. That gives Liam the permission he needs to surrender to his own needs, and he stands up to cover Vic’s chiseled chest with his load.

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Watch Vic Rocco fuck Liam Knox at Raging Stallion


Raging Stallion

Watch Vic Rocco fuck Liam Knox in the full-length video


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