Pride Studios update: Rego Bello, Adrian Suarez, Clay Towers, Jake Morgan, Liam Greer & more

As usual, here is our weekly Pride Studios update! Rego Bello pounds Adrian Suarez in “I’m All Yours“, while Jake Morgan and Liam Greer fuck each other raw in “Shut Up Let’s Fuck“. Three horny studs have been brought together in “Moving Day Fuck“. It’s a hot threesome starring Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue.

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“I’m All Yours” – Rego Bello and Adrian Suarez


Rego Bello has come home from a day of shopping with his family and as he shares his day with his lover Adrian Suarez, he lets him know that he is very tired and probably not in the mood for sex. However, when he lies down next to Adrian he caves and tells him that ‘I’m all yours…’ and with that they start making out. Adrian sucks Rego’s big cock first and then Rego starts sucking Adrian’s cock and then puts him on all fours and rims his ass. He fucks Adrian from behind in the first position and then Adrian rides his cock for a while before lying on his back and they fuck until both cum.

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“Moving Day Fuck” – Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue


Clay Towers and Jay Donahue have helped Joe Parker move into his new place and as they are unpacking stuff in his bedroom, they discover a box that contains a bottle of lube and a lot of condoms. Jay confronts Joe with the box playfully and he dumps all the condoms on to the bed asking if he plans to have a fun with them!? They all laugh and Joe tells them that he will take them out for Pizza and Beer for helping him move and Jay and Clay tell him that he has to fuck them with his big cock first, because that was their deal!

Joe thought they were kidding, but Jay and Clay have one thing on their mind as they push Joe onto the bed, start tickling him and pulling off his jeans. Clay starts sucking Joe’s massive cock first and then he shares it with Jay as they both suck Joe. Soon all their clothes are off and Jay is sucking both Joe’s and Clay’s big cocks. Joe and Clay then suck Jay’s big cock and share it between themselves. Joe then fucks Jay on his back while Clay face fucks him. Clay then fucks Jay doggy style while Jay sucks Joe’s big cock. Clay then wants some of Joe’s cock and he lies on his back as Joe fucks him deep and hard. Joe and Jay both cum almost at the same time and then Clay blow’s his load.

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“Shut Up Let’s Fuck” – Jake Morgan and Liam Greer


Liam Greer and Jake Morgan are back in his bedroom and Jake is telling him how much he has enjoyed the last month of them dating. Liam has other things on his mind and tells him to Shut Up… Let’s Fuck! With that, they start making out, fall onto the bed and their clothes start coming off. Liam Greer sucks Jake’s hard cock 1st and then Jake sucks Liam. Jake Morgan then rims Liam’s hairy ass and get’s it ready for his cock. Jake fucks him doggy style on the bed. Liam then rims Jake’s hairy ass and fucks him on his back until Jake shoots his creamy load and Liam shoots after him.

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