Next Door: Elliot Finn, Anthony Moore, Dante Martin, Spencer Laval, Carter Woods & more

Here’s the weekly Next Door Studios update… a little bit late, but that doesn’t make it any less hot! This week, the Next Door network has released four hot bareback videos, starting with Elliot Finn bottoming for Scott Finn in “Caught in the Act“. The second release – called “After Game Ass” – is a threeway starring Mark Long, Elye Black and sexy redhead Dacotah Red.

Dante Martin bottoms for Anthony Moore and takes his raw dick in “Dirty Cop. The Snitch“. Today’s video is a raw flip-fuck scene; handsome jocks Spencer Laval and Carter Woods take turns sucking and fucking each other in “Long Lost Lovers“.

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“Caught in the Act” – Scott Finn and Elliot Finn


When Scott Finn finds his step-brother laying legs wide open and ramming a giant dildo into his ass, he considers the possibility that maybe his brother is gay. Barging into the room, he confirms his suspicions the only way he knows how- by shoving his cock into his step-brother’s mouth. Sure enough, Elliott sucks his dick down to the base, tonguing at Scott’s balls as he jerks his dick. Scott is leaning towards a definite maybe, but he decides to gather more information.

Sure enough – when he returns the favor and starts sucking on Elliot’s dick – Elliot Scott gets rock hard just like a gay guy would. Scott’s pretty sure his stepbrother is gay, but just to be sure, he flips Elliot Scott over and fucks his bareback hole all the bed, pounding it until Scott can no longer contain himself, and as he pulls out and jizzes all over Elliot, he’s sure of it; his step-brother is definitely at least a little bit gay.

Watch Eliiot Scott bottom for Scott Finn


“After Game Ass” – Mark Long, Elye Black and Dacotah Red


When the buzzer sounds and the game is over, that’s when the action starts, at least for athletic supporter Elye Black. Elye was impressed with Mark Long and Dacotah Red‘s prowess on the field, but they have intentions to score a little more now that it’s just the 3 of them. Making their way to the bedroom, they show the kind of teamwork to get the job done, and Elye proves that he’s more than just a sideline spectator. As they fuck and suck to their hearts content, everyone gets a turn to score, and in the end, everyone’s a cum-covered winner.

See Mark Long, Elye Black & Dacotah Red fuck


“Dirty Cop. The Snitch” – Anthony Moore and Dante Martin


Detective Anthony Moore may have questionable methods, but no one can argue with his results. No one, that is, except for his snitch, or ‘The Bitch’ as Anthony so lovingly refers to him. To his credit, Dante Martin is a good snitch, and has provided a few good leads in the past, but at this point, his main usefulness to Det. Anthony Moore are his two fuck holes, and in that capacity, he’s the best snitch Anthony’s ever had.

Dante hopes that one day he’ll be free of these little visits, but truth be told, he’ll probably miss Det. Moore when and if he ever stops coming around. It could be worse: Dante could be in the slammer instead of getting slammed. He could be doing hard time instead of hard cock, and Det. Moore knows this all too well, so at least for now, Dante can count on him cumming over from time to time.

See Anthony Moore plow Dante Martin’s bare ass


“Long Lost Lovers” – Spencer Laval and Carter Woods


They say you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy, and Spencer Laval proves that old adage true. But they also say you can never go home again, and Spencer is testing the merits of that when he reunites with old drinking buddy Carter Woods. Many a country nights Spencer and Carter have spent drinking under the stars, and things got out of control more than a few times, but that was a long time ago. Carter’s married, and Spencer has his big job in the city now. They once had a very passionate fling, but both guys have matured and moved on.

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