MEN update: Noel Santoro, Diego Reyes, Chris Blades, Jack Hunter, Colby Tucker & more

Here’s the weekend update with previews of the videos that were released on Friday, Saturday and tpday. Newcomer Noel Santoro has been paired with Diego Reyes. The two Spanish hunks take turns fucking each other in “Contentment“. The third part from “A Mind Of Its Own” is a hot bareback scene starring Damien Stone and Chris Blades. Today’s video is a bareback threeway starring Arad Winwin, Jack Hunter and Colby Tucker. It’s the second scene from their “Power Yoga” minis-series.

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“Contentment” – Diego Reyes and Noel Santoro


Diego Reyes and Noel Santoro passionately collide, kissing and caressing each other intimately on a red divan. Noel takes down Diego’s underwear revealing his gorgeously long and thick cock then slowly giving it a long and sensual blowjob. Diego returns the favor before bending Noel over to give him the deep and intense rimming of a man on fire.

Diego slowly works Noel into a fever, giving him more and more of his cock as the chiseled stud moans beneath him. Noel Santoro flips Diego onto his back and gives it right back to him just as intensely. The two titans pound each other passionately until they’ve both given each other their thick creamy loads in this tender fuck fest.

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“A Mind Of Its Own” (part 3) – Damien Stone and Chris Blades


Chris Blades is being put through the wringer by his desperately hungry cock, fucking whoever it wants, whenever it wants. When Damien Stone almost hits him with his car in a parking garage, you can bet that the talking cock isn’t going to take it lying down. Before long Chris has Damien back at his place, but despite the cock’s insistence it’s Damien who’s going to be doing the fucking.

Once Damien has his thick cock inside of Chris’ ass though, nobody’s complaining as the thick muscle stud pounds away at Chris’ tight hole. The horny blonde hunk rides Damien’s thick rod all over the bedroom until Damien shoots his load all over Chris’ ass, a sight so hot that he has to shove it back in, fucking his cum deep inside of him.

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“Power Yoga” (part 2) – Arad Winwin, Jack Hunter and Colby Tucker


Jack Hunter and Colby Tucker have signed up for a couple’s yoga session together with the well reviewed and even better hung Arad Winwin. Soon the couple find that the sexy Persian hunk has more on his mind than just correcting their form, guiding the couple through a series of scandalous positions that betray he wants to open a whole lot more than their chakras. Soon all three of these sexy, limber lovebirds are bending and contorting their way through some acrobatic and exciting fucking.

Arad gives Jack Hunter a deep and sensual rimming, kissing and licking every inch of his sweet ass while Jack swallow’s Colby’s thick cock. Colby and Arad take turns receiving Arad’s hard dick, fighting over who wants it more. Lucky for them, there’s more than enough of Arad to go around and soon he’s filled both of their mouths with his creamy load.

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