MEN update: Scott Demarco, Logan Cross, Jean Franko, Orson Deane, Arad Winwin & Dante Colle

This update covers the gay porn network’s three latest scenes. Scott Demarco pounds Logan Cross’ tight ass in “Cock Hungry Cowboy“, while Orson Deane gets his ass stuffed by Jean Franko in “Give A Little More“. Today’s release is a hot bareback video – called “My Shrink is a Pervert“. Arad Winwin plays a horny shrink, who raw-fucks his hot client Dante Colle.

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“Cock Hungry Cowboy” – Scott Demarco and Logan Cross


Cock hungry cowboy Scott Demarco is out trying to rustle up a snack to satisfy his man-size appetite. When Scott sets his eyes on sweet-faced Logan Cross he wastes no time lassoing the twink right out from under his female companion. Scott hops on Logan’s back and rides him back to his hotel room where he teaches the straight-laced cutie a thing or two about how they do things on the range, trading sloppy blowjobs before he loosens up Logan’s beautiful hole. Logan takes to getting railed like a born rider, saddling up on Scott’s thick cock and taking it deep until the horny cowboy blows his load all over him.

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“Give A Little More” – Jean Franko and Orson Deane


Tattooed and shaved headed Orson Deane and the muscular hunk Jean Franko collide, the two statuesque men exploring each others’ bodies as Orson sensually worships Jean’s thick and uncut cock. Orson arches his back in ecstasy as Jean tongues and fingers his tight hole, getting it ready for the deep and intense pounding that he’s begging for. Jean gives Orson every inch, pushing him to his limits while the sexy otter writhes with pleasure until both hairy studs have given everything they can and cum-covered, are finally spent.

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“My Shrink is a Pervert” – Arad Winwin and Dante Colle


Dante Colle has solicited the services of therapist Arad Winwin, hoping that the muscular man can help him make sense of the troubling dreams he’s been having. However, when Arad sets his eyes on his handsome and sensitive new patient, he can’t help himself. Dante describes his sexually charged dreams, wondering over their significance while Arad happily soaks in the horny details while sneakily stroking his cock. When Dante realizes what the horny shrink is up to he decides its time to make his dreams a reality, letting the chiseled stud bareback his hole all over the therapist’s office until Dante’s hungry hole is dripping with Arad’s huge load.

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