MEN update: Jaxx Thanatos, Chris Blades, Dante Colle, William Seed, Seth Knight and more

Here are’s latest releases, which are all worth watching (in case you haven’t done so yet). Hot daddy Jaxx Thanatos ties Johnny Rapid up and fucks him in “Funny Story Actually“. Dante Colle bottoms for Chris Blades and takes his raw piece of meat in “A Mind Of Its Own” part two. Seth Knight visits his barber William Seed and received a hard pounding in “A Closer Shave“.

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“Funny Story Actually” – Jaxx Thanatos and Johnny Rapid


When burly beefcake Jaxx Thanatos shows up to his rental home he’s expecting things to have a lived in feel. What he’s not expecting is a series of loud thumping sounds coming from a chest in the corner of the room. Jaxx opens up the chest and finds compact, muscular cutie Johnny Rapid tied up and gagged. An alarming sight, but Johnny quickly explains that there’s actually a funny story behind it all.

Once Johnny Rapid is out of his box, he’s eager to thank Jaxx Thanatos, letting the muscle daddy tickle and tease him before he takes out his cock and jams it down the bound boy’s throat. Jaxx takes full advantage of the situation, fingering Johnny’s tight hole before he pounds him hard with his thick cock. Johnny can’t get enough, spreading his cheeks to take Jaxx even deeper inside until he fucks every drop of cum out of him.

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“A Mind Of Its Own” (part 2) – Chris Blades and Dante Colle


Chris Blades‘ cock won’t leave him alone. Every time he thinks he’s finally satisfied it, along comes another hot dude with a tight ass and Chris’ cock takes over again. When Chris sees the fit Dante Colle running in the park, he’s got to have him. Chris’ cock makes him follow Dante home where he finds the hungry holed hunk fucking himself with a dildo. Chris sneaks in the window, slides his cock into Dante’s ass and gives him the pounding he craves.

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“A Closer Shave” – William Seed and Seth Knight


Sexy hunk Seth Knight has been having a rough day. His girlfriend broke up with him and he could use some excitement. His burly barber William Seed suggests that maybe it’s time he gave men a try. Unsure at first, William shows the bearded cutie that he might need to open his mind, rubbing his hard cock against his face and lips before sneakily popping it into his mouth.

For Seth it’s love at first suck and soon he’s dropping to his knees to worship William’s thick cock in the barber’s chair. William gives Seth an unforgettable pounding, slamming himself into the tattooed hottie as his pre-cum drips out onto his stomach. Seth milks the cum out of William’s cock until he blasts it all over the hungry straight boy.

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