Leander fucks Andy Star in “Real Estate Broker” part 2 from Men At Play

Here’s the second part from the “Real Estate Broker” mini-series from Men At Play. Real estate firm manager Leander is fresh off his call with Alexander Muller who had just filled him in on how his open house was going. Happy with the update, he pulls the scorching hot Andy Star aside for their weekly meeting to see how his prospects have been coming along.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t exactly what he wanted to hear but when you look like Andy Star, successful open houses are not necessarily required. Andy knows exactly what to do to make up for his poor performance. He unleashes Leander’s bulging hard-on from his pants and drops to his knees to suck cock like his job depends on it.

He closes the deal by bending over the board room table and showing Leander what his open house looks like. Leander teases and pounds Andy’s pulsing hole until he explodes all over his blue pinstripe suit. A satisfying ending to this hot 2-part series.

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Watch Leander fuck Andy Star in the full-length video


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Watch Leander rim and fuck Andy Star’s ass at Men At Play


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