Helix update: Josh Brady, Travis Stevens, Andy Taylor, Dylan Hayes, Jacob Hansen & more

This Helix Studios update covers the studios’ three latest releases and they are all worth watching! Hot and hung jocks Josh Brady and Travis Stevens team up in “Two For One” and double-penetrate Andy Taylor’s bare ass hole.

Former exclusive Dylan Hayes earlier announced that he will be leaving Helix Studios and “Movie Lovers” is most likely his last one. The boy – once again – shows his excellent bottoming skills, as he takes Calvin Banks’ big raw dick, who rewards him with a big messy facial. The most recent video is a hot outdoor video, called “Poolside Pound“. Latin jock Ashton Summers bangs Jacob Hansen’s boy hole in this hot scene.

Helix Studios

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“Two For One” – Josh Brady, Travis Stevens and Andy Taylor


This trifecta of tripod hung studs make the most of their thrusty three day weekend, in a wild, rump ramming romp of down right dirty, double penetration pleasure! Young and hung jocks Josh Brady and Travis Stevens are the tops here and they make sure Andy Taylor gets stuffed with raw cock from either side. Josh and Travis even double-penetrate the dick-hungry bottom boy. The explosive fuck finale finds the fan favorites shooting thick ropey, three pointers all over their porn star pal’s horny, hot, hard bodies, and wide open mouths!

Watch Josh and Travis double-penetrate Andy Taylor’s ass


“Movie Lovers” – Calvin Banks and Dylan Hayes


Calvin Banks always likes to do things big. So, rather than “Netflix & chill,” he brings his new boy interest, Dylan Hayes to his pimped out, private home theater. There’s some serious snuggling & over the clothes action goin’ down during the movie; but, when the credits roll, Banks turns into Dylan’s dick slingin’ director! Calvin gives delicious dirty talk while he orders the hard bodied boy around. He smacks his beautiful bubble butt, then forcefully pulls the dude’s drawers down. He spreads that bubbled up, back seat, and sucks Hayes’ hot hole with a vengeance.

His erotic orders don’t stop there. Banks asks, and receives a super sloppy, spit dribbling dick sucking, which sends his stiffy to seek Hayes’ hungry hole. With Dylan’s schlong slobber covering his cock, Calvin’s able to slip his bareback beast right up his twunk’s tight tail pipe, and quickly get to pounding. Hayes hammers hole right back at the boy, meeting in the middle for a hard and deep pounding. Banks bangs the fuck out of the dude, punching his perfect posterior while delivering porn perfect, dirty talk.

After a half time show shaft swallow, Banks parks his perfect piece back in Hayes’ horned up hole and heaves his huge hog hard and deep. He slows the smash down to enjoy the wide open ass view; then, he sucks some sex juice from the boy’s banged out booty. Sticky sex sounds fill the room, signaling bottom boy’s about to blow. Calvin keeps cocking his sweet center, knocking out every oozy ounce of cum, till Dylan’s dick doesn’t drip anymore.Then, he pulls out and annihilates pretty boy’s face, and wide open mouth with his white hot wad. Cum whore Hayes is still hungry; so, he inhales every inch of Calvin’s cum covered rod for a funk flooded finale!

See Dylan Hayes take a big raw cock for the last time


“Poolside Pound” – Ashton Summers and Jacob Hansen


Ashton Summers and Jacob Hansen heat up the summer season, lounging around in their swim trunks at a lush, tropical resort. The boys chill by the pool, glistening golden in the sun, and absolutely unable to control their carnal cravings! Since Summers can’t hide the big bulge building in his trunks, he lets his freak flag fly, going full Monty and plunging his massive meat into Jacob’s juicy mouth. Since the train’s already left the station, and the resort staff hasn’t stopped them, Summers is hell bent on giving the other guests a dirty good show!

He slaps his big slab against Hansen’s handsome face, then kneels to suck some serious cock like the meat hungry man he is! Jacob is pretty boy, porn putty in Summers’ hot hands. Once his wick is wet, Jacob tosses those legs in the air, and receives an epic ass eating! Then, Ashton slaps Hansen’s hind end, and plunges his piece in the dude’s deep end. Hansen goes the extra mile, knowing every guest is gettin’ a glorious eyeful of the fine ass fuckers. After Ashton dirty dogs the big-dicked bottom, Hansen hops on top, and rides his man’s raw rig like a champ.

He smashes his smooth backseat down on that “D” till his poolside piece floods Summers’ shredded stomach with sizzling hot heat! Anxious for some salty seed, Jacob jumps off the enormous appendage and plants his pretty face right in the lusty line of fire. Summers’ stiff spear spits white hot spunk; and, his tight, tan twink licks the load right up! Then, the still hungry Hansen scoops up heaping handfuls of oozy overflow, for a finger licking good finale, that will leave you bone hard, and breathless! Summer is officially here!


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