Czech Hunter #438: Beefy straight guy gets his ass fucked

The Bigstr Network has just released a new Czech Hunter episode. A beefy straight guy sucks dick and gets his ass fucked in “Czech Hunter #438“. While walking through the streets of Prague, I met this hulk of a man. After fucking so many twinks recently, I was definitely in the mood for someone a bit more muscular.

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The guy was interesting but his hobby of cage fighting and heavy lifting made me a bit worried. Asking wrong questions could get me seriously hurt. Still, I wanted to have a look at him. I used all my persuading skills to get him in my friend’s apartment. There I just had to compliment him a lot and pay him enough money to get further.

I didn’t have to overdo the compliments too much because he was a stunning muscular beast. It felt great to have him kneeling in front of me, just waiting for my filthy commands. It got me incredibly horny so I let him do his best before I finally bent him over and rammed his muscular ass.

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