New Helix boy Alex Riley rims and fucks Jacob Hansen’s ass

Alex Riley is the new guy at Helix Studios! For his debut scene, he has been paired up with Jacob Hansen, who is eager to feel Alex’s rock hard dick inside of him. Between the flirting and severe eye fucking, we do find out the 21 year old Texas native now lives in LA, loves smaller guys he can toss around and is a dominant dude fond of choking when he fucks. The thought gets Hansen super hot and the boys quickly wind up in the bedroom.

Alex Riley tears into Jacob Hansen, making good on his dom promise. He whips Jacob’s pants off, kisses his way down to that cock and deep throats that dick like a demon. Hansen is happy to return the favor and even gets a little help from the new hottie, by way of a hand to the back of his head. Riley checks out the dude’s donk while Jacob bobs on his knob. He pushes the pretty boy’s face down to get a taste of that tush. He eats ass like a beast, burying his face deep while doing double duty stroking Hansen’s hard schlong.

Helix Studios

With his bottom’s pucker primed, Riley slides his big rig into Hansen’s hot hole and quickly steps on the cock throttle. He hammers his hips hard, creating an ass bangin’ ball slapping symphony that fills the room while he fucks ferociously. The dark haired top adds a little love choke, then ups the ante with a cock controlling, ball squeeze that’s super hot! Then, our boy kisses Jacob and lies down, offering the boy the best seat in the house.

Jacob  hops on for the ride of his life as Riley rams his hips up to meet him. Our guys switch it up and Hansen gets a hard hammering on all fours which pumps the cum right out of him! Alex is right behind him, in more ways than one…. He blasts the boy’s beautiful booty hole with buckets of boy bust. Then, the five star fucker squeezes more seed out and wipes it up in Jacob’s hot crack. Down right, raunchy good fun.

Watch Alex Riley’s debut at Helix Studios


See Alex Riley fuck Jacob Hansen in his Helix debut


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