Pride Studios update: Mateo Fernandez, Adrian Suarez, John Carusso, Bennett Anthony & more

Here’s our weekly Pride Studios update! Last Monday, the gay porn network has released a bareback shower scene starring Mateo Fernandez and Adrian Suarez. This release is called “Caught You Staring“. Alexander Garrett pounds John Carusso’s ass in “Uncut Latino Heat“, which goes live tomorrow. Friday’s release is called “Steamed & Ready“. It’s another bareback video in which Sean Duran fucks Bennett Anthony.

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“Caught You Staring” – Mateo Fernandez and Adrian Suarez


Mateo Fernandez and Adrian Suarez inside a public shower area and Mateo is cleaning his boogie board when he notices that Adrian is just sitting and staring at him. He asks him why he isn’t cleaning his own board and then notices that he has been staring at his crotch. He asks him ‘are you staring at my cock?’ — Adrian sits silently and then Mateo knows he is staring at him and he says ‘want to see it…’ as he pulls it out. Adrian is happy and starts sucking it and within seconds Mateo is hard as a rock sporting his huge cock.

Adrian does his best at trying to take it all down his throat but struggles a bit. Mateo then sucks Adrian for a while and then turns him around and rims his ass. Mateo then lies on his back and Adrian rides his big cock as if he were riding a wave at the beach. Mateo then fucks Adrian from behind bent over the bench. He then puts Adrian on his back and fucks him until Adrian cannot hold back and he shoots his load. Mateo pulls out and stands above Adrian and shoots all over him.

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“Uncut Latino Heat” – Alexander Garrett and John Carusso


John Carusso is in the exam office awaiting his examination. Alexander Garrett comes in and asks John what he is there for and John explains that he has been having some pain in his penis during sex. Upon examination, Alexander discusses the fact that since he is uncircumcised, perhaps when his skin retracts that is causing his pain. So, he tells John he should get hard and he starts helping him. He then pulls out his cock to show John his foreskin and when John sees how big his cock is he is excited and mesmerized by it.

He asks if he can suck it and then drops to his knees and starts sucking Alexander’s huge cock. He takes it all down his throat. Alexander then puts him up on the exam table and rims his ass. Alexander fucks him from behind deep and hard with his huge cock. Alexander then lies on his back and John rides his cock. Alexander then puts him on his back and fucks him until John shoots his load and Alexander cums all over John.

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“Steamed & Ready” – Sean Duran and Bennett Anthony


Bennett Anthony has set up his exercise mat in the shower and he is doing stretches alone when Sean Duran walks in and asks what he is doing. He tells Sean that he heard stretching in a steam shower helps your body and with that Sean agrees, but is turned on. He strips off his towel and Bennett starts sucking his cock.

Sean then rims Bennett’s ass bent over against the wall. He then fucks Bennett doggy style against the wall before putting him on his side on the mat and fucking him in a spoon position. Bennett then rides Sean’s cock for a while and then Sean puts Bennett on his back and fucks him until both cum.

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