Pride Studios update: Killian Knox, Scott Riley, Jack Andy, Scott Demarco, Alessio Vega & more

Here’s a look at this week’s releases from the Pride Studios network. Killian Knox raw-fucks Scott Riley in “Aged To Perfection“, while Jack Andy and Scott Demarco fill Alessio Vega up from both sides in a hot bareback threesome, called “Two Cocks Are Better Than One“. The last scene – called “Scrolling For Big Cock” – shows us Ray Diesel and Aaron Trainer take turns fucking Cesar Ventura.

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“Aged To Perfection” – Killian Knox and Scott Riley


Scott Riley and Killian Knox are sitting in bed and Scott is sharing that when he came out of the closet he found that experience easier than telling people that he is attracted to older men. He really likes the relationship he has with Killian who is 20 years older and wants to know if Killian also gets crap from other people about dating younger guys.

Killian tells him to not worry about what other’s think and the two start making out. Scott then sucks Killian’s rock hard cock and then Killian sucks Scott. Killian then moves his tongue to Scott’s ass. Once Scott is warmed up, Killian fucks him doggy style and then goes back to rimming his ass. Scott then rides Killian’s cock for a while before lying on his back and Killian fucks him until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots all over Scott.

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“Two Cocks Are Better Than One” – Jack Andy, Scott Demarco & Alessio Vega


Scott Demarco and Jack Andy have invited Alessio Vega over to their place and as they are talking and getting to know each other, Jack asks him about his wedding band on his finger. Alessio tells them that his husband is away, but they are open with each other and he will tell him all about what is going to happen. With that, all three start kissing and groping each other. Alessio loves big cocks and he is thrilled when he feels and sees what Jack and Scott both have in their pants. He immediately starts sucking both of them.

Jack then spins him around and begins rimming Alessio’s ass and sucking his cock as Alessio continues to suck Scott’s big cock. Jack then starts fucking Alessio deep with his big cock and Alessio loves it. After a while, Alessio turns himself around and Scott rims and fucks him doggy style as Alessio sucks Jack’s big cock. Both guys fuck him deep and hard!! Alessio then exclaims that he wants both of their cocks inside him at the same time.

They move to the bedside chair and he manages to take both Jack and Scott’s big cocks in his eager ass. This turns jack on so much that he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots his load! Jack puts his cock back inside with Scott’s and both continue to fuck Alessio until Scott cannot hold back and he too shoots his cum onto Alessio. This turns Jack on so much that he cums a second time!

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“Scrolling For Big Cock” – Ray Diesel, Aaron Trainer and Ceasar Ventura


Ceasar Ventura is lying in his bed stroking his cock and begging for Aaron Trainer and Ray Diesel to pull out their big cocks. He has been scrolling online for days looking for cock and he cannot believe he finally has two on either side of him. They both reveal their big cocks and Ceasar takes turns sucking both of them. After getting their cocks wet, he gets on all fours and Aaron rims him while he sucks Ray.

He then turns around and Ray rims him while he sucks Aaron. Ray then lubes up his cock and starts fucking Ceasar long and deep with his massive cock. He then turns around and gives his ass to Aaron to fuck. Ceasar then rides Aarons cock while he sucks Ray. He then lies on his back and Ray fucks him until he cannot hold back and Caesar shoots his own load onto himself. Both Aaron and Ray then shoot their loads.

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