Next Door update: Donte Thick, Jamie Steel, Scott Finn and Luke Reed

Here’s a look at the Next Door Studios scenes from the weekend. The sexy Donte Thick fucks Jamie Steel in “Long & Deep“, while Scott Finn and Luke Reed take turns fucking each other in “All in the Family“. In case you’ve missed the three scenes that were released earlier that week, check out this post.

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“Long & Deep” – Donte Thick and Jamie Steel


Best friends Donte Thick and Jamie Steel have been harboring the same secret from each other, but the truth is out in the open, and both have exposed themselves, literally. Finally exploring each other’s bodies, the engage in their fantasies and engorge on each other, taking full advantage of this first time fuck. Jamie shows just how deep he can take a thick cock as Donte fucks his face and then bends him over and slides it in raw.

Jamie gets his own taste of Donte’s tight ass when he returns the favor, but his lust for Donte’s cock is insatiable, and he begs for Donte to finish him off by fucking the cum out of him. Donte is all too willing to oblige, and he christens the event when he showers Jamie with a massive load that signals just how long he’s been waiting. You could say it’s been a long, long time cumming.

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“All in the Family” – Scott Finn and Luke Reed


Young jocks Scott Finn and Luke Reed take turns sucking and fucking each other in “All in the Family”.

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