Next Door update: Carter Woods, Trevor Laster, Quin Quire, Spencer Laval, Luke Reed & more

This is our second Next Door Studios update for this week, due to the fact that the gay porn network releases two extra scenes this week. You can find a preview of the week’s first three scenes in our previous Next Door Studios update. The three videos from the second half of the week are all flip-fuck scenes. First, there’s Carter Woods and Trevor Laster fucking each other in “E-Wrecked“.

The next release is called “Lunch Break” and shows us sexy hunks Quin Quire and Spencer Laval taking turns sucking and fucking each other. Last but not least… Luke Reed and Evan Landers flip-fuck in “The Perfect Boyfriend“.

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“E-Wrecked” – Carter Woods and Trevor Laster


After a pretty bad spill on his bike, Trevor Laster is in some serious need of downtime. Luckily for him, buddy Carter Woods is here to help. After Carter loosens up Trevor’s upper body, he focuses on what Trevor has downstairs, and to his delight, he realizes the accident has had very little effect on Trevor’s ‘good leg’.

In fact, now that he’s properly motivated, Trevor seems to be showing no ill effects of the spill at all. He’s positively spry as he throws Carter around the room, having his way with him and pounding him in every position. By the time he’s lost his load, Trevor has almost totally forgotten he ever had any pain, to begin with.

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“Lunch Break” – Quin Quire and Spencer Laval


A slow day at the office means Quin Quire has time for an extended lunch, and luckily boy toy Spencer Laval is just waiting at home for his man to come home. Quin steals away from work for his rendezvous with Spencer, and the two of them proceed to lunch on each other, taking turns sucking each other off before Spencer flips Quin over and eats his ass.

Quin may be the boss at the office, but in the bedroom, Spencer has his way with him, fucking him raw from behind before letting Quin have his turn. Quin flips Spencer over and fucks him dry, as Spencer spits his lunch load all over himself. Quin does the same, coating Spencer in the process, as Quin makes the executive decision to take the rest of the afternoon off.

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“The Perfect Boyfriend” – Luke Reed and Evan Landers


Hot and horny young hunks Luke Reed and Evan Landers share their hard raw cocks with each other as they take turns sucking and fucking each other.

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