Pride Studios update: Luke Taylor, Troy Thomas, Aaron Trainer, Hans Berlin, Riley Mitchel & more

Here are this week’s videos from Pride Studios. The gay porn network will release three scenes of which two are condom-free updates. Hot twink boys Luke Taylor and Troy Thomas flip-fuck in “Beach Buddies” part two. For both of them, this is their very first scene with Pride Studios. Muscle top Aaron Trainer uses his big raw cock to fill Hans Berlin’s ass up and Riley Mitchel, Jaxx Thanatos and Sean Harding fuck each other in a raw threeway.

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“Beach Buddies” (part 2) – Luke Taylor and Troy Thomas


Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor come into the room thinking they will see Vadim and Javier, but when they see the used condom on the floor Troy exclaims, ‘I knew it! I knew they were fucking each other.’ With that, they decide that they too should have some fun and Luke starts out sucking Troy’s hard cock. Troy then sucks Luke’s cock and as he deep throats him we see his cock sucking tears.

Luke Taylor then rims Troy Thomas up against the wall before fucking him bent over. Troy then lies on his back and Luke rides his cock. After riding Troy’s cock, Luke wants to fuck Troy some more and he puts him on his back and fucks him until Troy shoots his load. Troy then turns around and Luke jerks off his cock and shoves it in Troy’s mouth and shoots his load inside his mouth.

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“Wow That Is Actually Your Dick” – Aaron Trainer and Hans Berlin


Aaron Trainer and Hans Berlin are sitting on the couch after just meeting each other online. Aaron tells Hans he is much better looking in person and Hans wants to know if what Aaron told him about the size of his cock is true. Then he sees the bulge in Aaron’s jeans and when he grabs ahold of it, he exclaims (with a big smile on his face); Wow, that is actually your dick!!

He pulls it out and starts sucking it. Once both of their clothes are off, Hans continues servicing Aaron’s huge cock and then Aaron moves to Hans’s ass and rims him while Hans continues sucking his cock. Aaron fucks Hans from behind to start and then Hans rides his big hard cock. Aaron then puts Hans on his back and fucks him deep until he cannot hold back and they both shoot their loads.

See Hans Berlin bottom for Aaron Trainer


“Remember Your 1st Time?” – Riley Mitchel, Jaxx Thanatos & Sean Harding


All three guys are lying in bed when Riley Mitchel asks the question ‘When was the 1st time you got fucked?’ They all share their first time stories with each other and then start making out. Soon all their clothes are off and Sean is sucking both Jaxx Thanatos and Riley’s cocks. Jaxx and Riley then take turns with Sean Harding‘s cock. Sean then rims Jaxx while Riley gets his cock sucked.

Sean then fucks Jaxx from behind while he sucks Riley. Riley then lies on his back and Jaxx fucks him while Riley sucks Sean’s cock. Sean Harding then get’s on all fours and riley fucks him from behind while Sean sucks Jaxx. Sean then flips onto his back and Riley fucks the cum out of him and then he and Jaxx both blow their loads onto Sean.

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