Pride Studios update: Angel Ventura, Bennett Anthony, Aspen, Julian Torres and more

Here’s our weekly Pride Studios update. The gay porn network has released the first scene today and the remaining two videos will be released this Thursday and Friday. Angel Ventura bangs sexy redhead Bennett Anthony in “Lifeguard Duties“. The second scene is called “I’m Ready For Your Big Cock” and brings together Alexander Garrett and Aspen. The last one – called “Hard Work” – is a bareback video in which Sean Harding bottoms for Julian Torres.

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“Lifeguard Duties” – Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony


Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony are both lifeguards at a water park and they are back in the employee locker room talking about their day. They have not seen each other in a long time and share stories of what it is like working daytime vs nighttime. They then start making out with each other and once their lifeguard uniforms are off, Bennett starts sucking Angel’s cock.

Angel Ventura then sucks Bennett for a while and then Bennett lies back and Angel rims his ass. Angel then fucks Bennett on his back for a while and then Bennett rides Angel’s cock both forward and backward until he cannot hold back and shoots his cum. Angel then feeds his load of cum to Bennett who eagerly takes it all down his throat.

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“I’m Ready For Your Big Cock” – Alexander Garrett and Aspen


Aspen is finally ready to give up his ass to Alexander Garrett and he has been preparing by keeping a butt-plug in his ass all day. He is face down ass up when he calls Alexander into the room. Aspen starts out sucking Alexander’s big uncut cock as Alexander plays with the butt-plug in Aspens ass. Once he feels he is ready, Aspen begins by sitting down on Alexander’s cock and taking it deep into his beefy ass.

Alexander then bends Aspen forward and fucks him from behind deep and hard as Aspen begs for his big cock. Aspen then lies on his side and Alexander continues to drive his cock deeper into his ass. Alexander Garrett then open’s Aspen up and for the first time ever, Aspen shoots his cum with a cock inside his ass. Alexander then pulls out and shoots his load all over Aspen’s cock and balls.

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“Hard Work” – Julian Torres and Sean Harding


Julian Torres is up on a ladder doing some construction work when he calls for Sean Harding to help him out. When Sean Harding shows up, he asks him to hand him the work light. Sean turns the light on, but before handing it to Julian, he uses it to look up into Julian’s shorts. Being playful and horny he convinces Julian to come down and play.

He starts sucking Julian’s hard cock through his jock strap. They switch places on the ladder and Julian sucks Sean’s big hard cock. Julian then rims Sean’s ass up on the ladder before fucking Sean up on the ladder from behind. After a while of fucking him on the ladder, he moves Sean to a chair where he fucks him until both explode with cum.

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