MEN update: Steven Lee, Jack Hunter, Aaron London, Alex Mecum, Michael DelRay & more

This update covers three of the studio’s recent releases, of which two are condom-free videos. The sexy Steven Lee raw-fucks Jack Hunter in “Second Chance“, while Aaron London bottoms for Johnny Rapid in “Caught in the Classroom“. The last scene – which is the second scene from their “Conjuring Dick” series – brings Alex Mecum and Michael DelRay together for some bareback fun.

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“Second Chance” – Steven Lee and Jack Hunter


Steven Lee has been trying to get a date with the tall and handsome Jack Hunter for a year, and he’s final worn him down. Tragically, Steven chokes to death on a piece of gum before he can make good on their plan. Steven isn’t going to let a little thing like complete obstruction of the airway stop him from getting his thick cock deep inside of Jack, though.

When the spirit handling Steven Lee‘s transition into the afterlife hears that he has a dick appointment waiting for him, he sends him back planet-side immediately so that he can cross pounding Jack Hunter‘s tight ass bareback off of his bucket list.

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“Caught in the Classroom” – Johnny Rapid and Aaron London


Johnny Rapid and Aaron London are two college kids who can’t stop acting like testosterone-mad animals. Their teacher sits them down for a talking to, but as soon as he leaves the room Johnny can’t help but take out his cock and start stroking it.

The teacher watches from the next room as muscular blonde twink Aaron tries to resist, but it’s not long before he’s jerking off Johnny’s thick cut cock. Aaron bends over the desk and let’s his muscular friend pound his ass over top of their teacher’s desk until Johnny shoots his load all over his chest.

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“Conjuring Dick” (part two) – Alex Mecum and Michael DelRay


Michael DelRay is sick of his friend always playing boring nerd games and wants to have some real fun, he suggests a spirit board to try and conjure the spirit of the (still living) Alex Mecum. Michael’s friend is skeptical, but Michael’s unwavering faith soon pays off when the the chiseled hunk appears in the flesh to give him his thick cock. Alex tears off Michael’s pants to get at his tight ass, giving the brown-haired hottie the pounding he’s been desperate for.

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