Jacen Zhu debuts at Chaosmen and plows Vander’s bare hole

This week, big-dicked porn star Jacen Zhu makes his debut at Chaosmen. Jacen has made quite an impact in the adult industry. This 5’7″ dynamo with an 8.5 inch cock has a ton of hot dirty sexy energy. He has been paired up with fan-favorite Vander, who seems more than happy to serve as Jacen’s fuck toy.

Chaosmen writes: “Despite Jacen’s large body of work, he doesn’t really spend a lot of time pursuing being a ‘Porn Star’. Stay home and watching nature shows. He loves nature and is involved with martial arts. He also has a Fan’s page that he does, but still very much likes the ease of shooting scenes with studios. He is totally versatile, but I like him as a Top because he so bossy with his bottoms. Vander had been chatting on Twitter with Jacen, along with another dude (soon to appear). I like the idea of pairing Vander, a Chaosmen veteran, with very professional guys.”

Watch Jacen Zhu’s very first Chaosmen scene


Watch porn star Jacen Zhu raw-fuck Chaosmen veteran Vander



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