Diego Reyes takes JJ Knight’s big cock in “Office Schematics” from Men At Play

The latest release from Men At Play is called “Office Schematics” and brings together JJ Knight and Diego Reyes. It’s the first day on a new job for Diego Reyes and understandably he is feeling a little anxious, hoping to make a good first impression on his new boss JJ Knight. As nerves get the best of him Diego has a little mishap which could get him fired but luckily for him,

JJ has already taken a liking to him. He tells Diego to take a load off and begins to massage his shoulders to get him to relax. He reassures him that his fate is in JJ’s hands and he has absolutely nothing to worry about. Things really begin to heat up when JJ’s throbbing 9-inch cock gets a mind of its own and decides that he wants in on the action. Thankfully Diego is all too eager to oblige and offers up his mouth and ass in appreciation, ending in an office fuck fest befitting of any first day on the job.

Watch Diego Reyes getting fucked by his hung boss JJ Knight


Watch Diego Reyes bottom for his hung boss JJ Knight