Pride Studios vids: Mateo Fernandez, Jack Andy, Leo Forte, Bennett Anthony, Cesar Rossi & more

Here are this week’s releases from the Pride Studios network. All three are bareback videos of which the first one was added to the Pride Studios members area earlier today. The remaining two scenes will be released on Thursday and Friday. The sexy Mateo Fernandez fucks Aston Springs in “Therapeutic Release“, while Jack Andy raw-fucks Adrian Suarez in “Time Trials & Big Dicks“. Leo Forte, Bennett Anthony and Cesar Rossi fuck in “Power Switch“.

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“Therapeutic Release” – Mateo Fernandez and Aston Springs


Aston Springs is waiting in the exam room for the physical therapist Mateo Fernandez to show up. He has injured his neck and looking for some release from the pain. Mateo comes in and begins his exam and starts checking Aston’s range of motion. He asks Aston how he injured his neck and Aston tells him the story of how he did it while giving oral sex at an orgy. This excites Mateo and as he is examining Aston he rubs up against him and Aston notices the big bulge in Mateo’s pants.

Mateo’s cock is then out and Aston is showing him how good of a cock sucker he is. After a while, Aston gets naked and Mateo Fernandez sucks his cock. Mateo then bends him over the rims his ass. Mateo then fucks Aston from behind for a while. Aston then lies on his back and Mateo fucks him deep and hard until he cannot hold back and shoots his cum all over himself. Mateo pulls out and shoots on Aston.

Watch Aston Springs bottom for Mateo Fernandez


“Time Trials & Big Dick” – Jack Andy and Adrian Suarez


Adrian Saurez is alone in the shower area after his day of swimming time trials. He is rubbing his cock through his swimsuit when Jack Andy walks in in nothing but a towel and a big hard cock poking out. After some small talk, Adrian starts sucking Jack’s big cock. Jack then sucks Adrian before turning him around and rimming his ass. He then puts Adrian down on the ground and rims him some more before fucking him from behind with his big cock. Adrian then rides Jacks cock deep in his ass. Jack then fucks Adrian on his back until Adrian shoots his load and then Jack shoots all over him.

Watch Jack Andy slam his big cock into Adrian Suarez


“Power Switch” – Leo Forte, Bennett Anthony and Cesar Rossi


All three guys are lying in bed discussing the fact that being versatile is so much better than just being a top or bottom. They all agree that now that they are older, their sex life is much better because they know exactly what they like. They all start making out with each other and soon their clothes are off and they are all taking turns sucking each other, rimming each other and taking turns.

Cesar Rossi is the first to be fucked by Leo Forte as he sucks Bennett Anthony. Then Cesar rims and fucks Bennett Anthony as he sucks Leo. Leo then comes around and fucks Bennett even deeper and harder and Bennett sucks Cesar. Bennett then fucks Leo doggy style and then Cesar fucks Leo Forte on his back until all three of them explode with cum.

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