Pride Studios update: Javier Cruz, Zander Lane, Joe Parker, Mike Lobo, Aspen & John Carusso

Here’s the weekly Pride Studios update with six hot and horny men starring in three different scenes. Javier Cruz fucks Zander Lane in “Vacation Trick“, while Mike Lobo bottoms for Joe Parker in “Daddy’s Big Dick“. The last scene – called “Babe, I Need Your Help” – marks the Pride Studios debut of John Carusso. He already did two scenes for Bait Buddies, so you may have seen him before. In this Pride Studios scene, he gets his ass fucked by Aspen.

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“Vacation Trick” – Javier Cruz and Zander Lane


Javier Cruz and Zander Lane are sitting outside at the resort having coffee and getting to know each other over some small talk. Zander invites Javier back to his room for some fun. Once inside, they start making out and stroking each other’s cocks. Zander sucks Javier’s cock first and then Javier sucks Zander.

Javier rims Zander’s ass and then fucks him doggy style on the bed. He then fucks him more on his side deeper and harder before opening him up on his back and fucking him missionary until both of the guys cum.

Watch Javier Cruz fuck Zander Lane in the full-length video


“Daddy’s Big Dick” – Joe Parker and Mike Lobo


Mike Lobo has a thing for Daddies with big cocks and at the begging in this scene he is begging Joe Parker to show him his cock. Joe teases Mike for a bit by having him beg for it before giving in and pulling out his cock and allowing Mike to suck it. Mike deep throat’s all 9 inches of Joe’s big cock. Joe then sucks Mike’s uncut cock which has been oozing pre-cum.

Joe puts Mike on his knees and rims him before driving his big cock deep in Mike’s eager ass. Mike then rides Joe’s big cock for a while both reverse and facing him. Joe puts mike on his back and fucks him deeper until Mike cannot hold back and shoots his cum. Joe then cums all over Mike.

Watch Mike Lobo take Joe Parker’s daddy dick


“Babe, I Need Your Help” – Aspen and John Carusso


Newcomer John Carusso is lying in his bed on his phone with Aspen comes running into the room exclaiming that he went to the gym and accidently took a hard-on pill instead of his supplement and the result is his hard cock. John doesn’t mind this interruption and begins sucking Aspen’s hard cock.

They then move into a 69 and suck each other for a while. Aspen then bends John over and rims his ass before fucking him on all fours. After a while he flips John onto his back and fucks him until John cannot hold back and he shoots his load Hands Free all over himself. Aspen pulls out and shoots his load.

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