Pride Studios update: Eddie Danger, Aaron Trainer, Aston Springs, Cesar Rossi & more

Here are this week’s scenes from the Pride Studios network, of which the first one has already been released. It’s a glory hole scene starring Eddie Danger and Scott Riley – called “1st Time At The Glory Hole“. Sexy bottoms Aston Springs and Cesar Rossi share Aaron Trainer’s big raw cock in “Double Layered Fun” and Angel Ventura fucks Jaxx Thanatos in “Morning Temptation“.

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“1st Time At The Glory Hole” – Eddie Danger and Scott Riley


Eddie Danger has come to use the bathroom but discovers the toilet is out of order. He then notices the hole in the wall of the stall and sees a pair of shoes underneath and then two fingers motioning him to the hole. Being adventurous, he pulls out his big cock and puts it through the hole where Scott’s hot mouth is waiting for him. Scott Riley sucks for a while and then turns around and rubs his ass of Eddie’s cock.

He lubes up the cock and slides down on it and Eddie fucks him through the Glory Hole. Eddie Danger then wants to see who is behind the hole and asks him to come out. When Scott steps out, Eddie is pleasantly surprised by how hot Scott is. Eddie bends Scott over and fucks him from behind. Eddie then lies on the floor and Scott sucks his cock some more before climbing on top and riding it deep and hard. Eddie pulls out and stands up and feeds his load to Scott. Scott continues sucking his cock and shoots his own load.


“Double Layered Fun” – Aaron Trainer, Aston Springs and Cesar Rossi


Aston Springs and Aaron Trainer are home making out in their bedroom and Aaron is very turned on and horny. We see his big cock bulging through his jean shorts. He wants Aston to service him, but Aston reminds him that he injured his neck at the gym and doesn’t think he can handle Aaron on his own. So, he comes up with the idea to call Cesar Rossi and see if he wants to come over and play with them.

Cesar agrees and a little bit later he arrives and all three begin. First Cesar and Aston take turns sucking Aaron’s big cock. Then Aaron sucks both of them for a while. He then has them bend over the side of the bed and he starts rimming their asses. He then has Aston climb on top of Cesar and takes turns on both of their asses with his tongue.

He then fucks both of them in the same position back and forth and Cesar and Aston both love the attention their asses are getting. Aaron then has them lie on their back and he continues going back and forth fucking them both. Aston shoots his load firs while Aaron is fucking him and then Aaron fucks Cesar until he shoots his load. Aaron pulls out and shoots his load all over Cesar.



“Morning Temptation” – Angel Ventura and Jaxx Thanatos


Angel Ventura and Jaxx Thanatos are waking up and as Angel runs Jaxx’s back he cannot help but be turned on by the assless underwear that Jaxx is wearing. Jaxx says he wants to go to the gym, but Angel decides they should get their cardio in bed. Angel immediately goes for Jaxx’s amazing ass and starts out rimming him. After that he sucks Jaxx’s fat cock.

They then move into a 69 and Angel face fucks Jaxx. Angel fucks Jaxx doggy style to start and then flips him onto his back and continues fucking him. They then climb onto the bed and he fucks him side missionary deep and hard. They end with Jaxx on his back and Angel fucks until he cannot hold back and they both shoot their loads.

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