Next Door update: Jaydon Jensen, Adonis Cole, Evan Landers, Michael Boston & Quin Quire

Here’s the weekly Next Door Studios update with previews of all the five scenes that will be added to the gay porn network’s members area. Three of the scenes have already been released. The first video is a solo performance by Jaydon Jensen, followed by “Pleasure & Pain” starring Zach Country and Donte Thicke.

Newcomer Adonis Cole fucks Zak Bishop in today’s scene, called “Worshipping Adonis“. Sexy newbies Evan Landers and Michael Boston fuck each other in “Cumming Home” and Quin Quire flip-fucks with Dalton Riley in “Cheating Hard“. From the three newcomers, you might have seen Michael Bolton before, since he did a couple of scenes for Broke Straight Boys.

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“Next Door Studios’ Solo Video” – Jaydon Jensen

The sexy Jaydon Jensen is relaxing in his favorite lounge chair pleasing himself. He lets his hands wonder slowly all over his body and as they find their way to his zipper he begins to unzip and take his clothes off. He reveals to us his perfect furry body and very nice hard cock as he slowly strokes every inch of it for us to watch. Jaydon Jensen loves to please himself especially when he is doing it for viewers. Jaydon’s breath becomes deeper and deeper as his climax draws near and soon enough he is shooting a huge warm load of cum all over himself.

Watch Jaydon Jensen play with his hard cock


“Pleasure & Pain” – Zach Country and Donte Thick

A bit of bad fortune has deposited young Zach Country into a ditch, but it’s a stroke of good luck when Donte Thick finds him ailing by the side of the road. Soon enough, Donte has both of Zachary’s legs feeling much better, but it’s his 3rd leg that suddenly needs attention. Donte makes his move, and convinces Zachary to trust him.

It’s obvious he’s never been with a man before, so Donte takes his time, worshiping his body before giving him some deep oral massage work on his dick.¬†Zachary responds with a rock hard dick, that Donte quickly pounces on, mounting him and giving him a nice ride. Zachary shows no signs of injury, so Donte bends over and tells Zachary to fuck him harder. Zach responds, fucking Donte like he owed him a favor, pounding him from behind as Donte clutches the bed rail.

Zachary flips him over and fucks him missionary as Donte strokes himself clean, spitting jizz all over his abs as Zach keeps pounding him. Donte tells him to cum all over him, so Zachary works him a little harder before pulling out and blasting him with his load. He falls back onto the bed next to Donte and tells him it might not have been such a bad accident after all.

Watch Zach Country plow Donte Thick’s ass at Next Door Studios


“Worshipping Adonis” – Adonis Cole and Zak Bishop

With his arms chest and abs all looking as if they were cut from marble, newbie Adonis Cole is aptly named, and scene partner Zak Bishop is positively giddy about the pairing. Zak can’t wait to find out if Adonis is has tender and forceful as his potential suggests.

While he’s impressed with Adonis’ physique, the main muscle he’s concerned with is in between Adonis’ legs. Luckily for him, Adonis is the full package, and the heat he’s packing is enough to convince Zak he’s bedding down with a Greek God. Bet he won’t be disappointed.

Watch newcomer Adonis Cole pound Zak Bishop’s tight hole


“Cumming Home” – Evan Landers and Michael Boston

When Evan Landers‘ parents discover he’s into guys, it puts a damper on the week-long getaway he just had with Michael Boston. Fighting with his bags in hand, he tells his parents he isn’t coming back home, and makes his way back to Michael’s place to tell him the news. Michael tells him he can stay as long as he wants and Evan smiles and tries to think of a way to show his gratitude and get back at his parents.

Michael knows a way he can do both at the same time, whipping out his dick as Evan smiles. If Evan’s parents could see this, they’d never let him come home, but right now, Evan is tongue deep in Michael’s hole and too horny to care. He slides his cock inside Michael’s ass and fucks him from behind, before switching and letting Michael have his way with him.

Michael gives him a ride on his meaty cock and then flips Evan onto his back, pounding him missionary as the two of them cum all over each other in a scene that would make the parents flip the fuck out. Old Evan would care what they think. New Evan is too covered in cum to bother.

Watch newbies Evan Landers and Michael Boston flip-fuck


“Cheating Hard” – Quin Quire and Dalton Riley

When Dalton Riley is confronted with the guy his boyfriend has been cheating with, he’s not exactly heartbroken. In fact, he can almost understand why his boyfriend would jump at the chance to sack such a hot prospect. Now that he’s met Quin Quire, he likes what he sees from head to toe, and seeing as how he’s got a little payback coming to him, he hopes to see a lot more of Quin in the immediate future.

Quin is DTF and ready to oblige, so Dalton leads him inside. Dalton then tells Quin he wants to see what the big deal is, after which Quin shows him his meaty cock. Dalton approves and takes it in his mouth, devouring it hungrily as he works Quin’s balls with his tongue. He strokes himself as he sucks Quin off, then flips him around and feeds him his cock, gagging Quin with his dick as he chokes him and slaps his chest.

Quin is rock hard and ready to fuck, so Dalton climbs onto the bed and gets on all fours as Quin rims his hole.¬†Quin gets his hole nice and wet and then slides his raw cock into Dalton. Dalton moans as Quin works up a sweat, pounding Dalton from behind. But Dalton isn’t letting him get off that easy and tells Quin to mount him. Quin hops on and takes Dalton’s cock for a ride. Dalton thrusts deep inside of him.

Dalton is close to cumming but he wants Quin to work for it, so they switch one more time and Quin fucks Dalton hard and fast as Dalton spits his load onto his chest. Quin pulls out and douses him with jizz, rubbing the head of his cock in the puddles on Dalton’s stomach as the two of them agree that maybe it was all for the best after all.

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