Wesley Woods, Tristan Hunter, Shane Jackson, Vadim Black, Dante Colle and Aspen

This update covers three well rated scenes that were released over the past couple of days. Two of the scenes are bareback videos. Wesley Woods, Tristan Hunter and Shane Jackson fuck in the second scene from the mini-series “The Manny“. The sexy Vadim Black barebacks Dante Colle in “Power Yoga” and Jackson Traynor and Aspen flip-fuck in “Surprise Dick“.

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“The Manny” (part 2) – Wesley Woods, Tristan Hunter and Shane Jackson


Ripped cutie Shane Jackson and chiseled hunk Wesley Woods have hired a new manny, adorable, fit Tristan Hunter, to take care of their kids while they work, but when Wesley sees Tristan he’s stunned by how hot he is. Horny Tristan must feel the same way because on his first day, Wesley catches him jerking of in his bed! Not wanting to frighten the poor thing, hung Wesley joins him for some mutual blowjobs until Shane comes home unexpectedly, and catches them in the act! They work things out, and the duo becomes a trio!


“Power Yoga” – Vadim Black and Dante Colle


Tattooed, muscular Vadim Black is leading a beginner’s yoga class where his newest student is the tall, lean Dante Colle. Vadim runs Dante through a series of increasingly suggestive positions, sneakily rubbing his hard cock against Dante’s face and ass. When the rest of the class catches onto Vadim’s unconventional approach to teaching they take off in a hurry, leaving Dante and Vadim free to take turns and take their time pleasuring each other’s thick cocks in peace.


“Surprise Dick” – Aspen and Jackson Traynor


Aspen won’t let his girlfriend take his credit card to go shopping. She offers him a blindfolded blowjob and takes his card when he’s not looking, leaving the tattooed hunk with his pants down and his dick out, waiting for a blowjob that might never come. Luckily, when the tall, athletic Jackson Traynor comes across his straight roommate blindfolded and begging for a blowjob, he doesn’t hesitate to give Aspen what he’s waiting for. When Aspen realizes those aren’t his girlfriend’s lips around his thick dick, he’s surprised but sure enough it’s not long before his legs are in the air and Jackson’s huge cock is all the way inside him. The two muscular hotties flip-flop fuck until they’ve both shot their loads all over Jackson’s chest.


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