MEN update: Theo Ross, Jack Kross, Diego Sans, Kip Johnson, William Seed and Beaux Banks

Here are’s latest releases – including the one starring Farrah Moan from RuPaul’s Drag Race, who plays a fairy in the “Girls Night” mini-series. The sexy Theo Ross fucks Jack Kross in “Watching You“, while Kip Johnson gets fucked by muscle top Diego Sans in “Puppy Love“. Farrah Moan grants Beaux Banks a wish and turns him into a beautiful woman, named Aaliyah Hadid. William Seed gets seduced by Aaliyah, but eventually ends up fucking Beaux.

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“Watching You” – Theo Ross and Jack Kross


Slim stud Jack Kross breaks into chiseled beefcake Theo Ross‘ house while he’s out for a run. When Theo comes home and catches Jack intruding, he gives the sneaky slut an up-close look at what he came to see. Theo rams his thick cock down Jack’s eager throat then deep in his ass to teach him a lesson about the importance of asking permission, fucking him hard and deep until he can’t take any more.


“Puppy Love” – Diego Sans and Kip Johnson


Hairy, athletic Diego Sans and tall, smooth-bodied Kip Johnson run into each other while out walking their dogs and decide that there is a better way for the two of them to get some exercise. They put away the dogs and take out the hogs, stripping down and getting nasty. Kip lays on his stomach sucking Diego’s long cock, then lets the bearded, toned stud rim his smooth pink hole. Diego pounds him hard, getting deep inside Kip and making him beg for more.


“Girls Night” (part one) – William Seed and Beaux Banks


When a benevolent fairy (Farrah Moan) grants Beaux Banks, Johnny Rapid and Jake Porter their wish to become beautiful women for a day, they waste no time getting down to business seducing straight men. Beaux Banks sets his sights on the ripped, tattooed William Seed, tempting him with his magically altered body. When the slim, brown-eyed Beaux changes back to a man, William realizes he can’t resist shoving his huge cock into Beaux’s mouth and ass. The beefcake king ferociously jack-hammers both of Beaux’s holes while Beaux begs him not to stop.


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