MEN update: Tristan Jaxx, Jack Hunter, Damon Heart, Pietro Duarte, Paddy O’Brian & Drew Dixon

This update covers the three latest releases from the gay porn mega site. Daddy Tristan Jaxx dominates and fucks Jack Hunter in “Step Daddy’s Basement” part one. Pietro Duarte bottoms for Damon Heart in the third scene from the mini-series “The Decoy“. In the first scene from the new mini-series “Putting the ASS in Assistant“, we’re seeing Drew Dixon take Paddy O’Brian’s fat cock.

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“Step Daddy’s Basement” (part 1) – Tristan Jaxx and Jack Hunter

Adorable Jack Hunter can’t stand his stepdad, muscular Tristan Jaxx, and hates his rules even more! Ever since he moved in, the basement has been locked off, and athletic Jack needs to know what he’s hiding down there. He sneaks in one day to discover a sex dungeon, and catches Tristan changing into some leather dom gear, but hunky Tristan corners him before he can get away. Jack confesses that he just wants to be punished by Tristan’s big cock, and that’s exactly what the horny bottom gets!


“The Decoy” (part 3) – Damon Heart and Pietro Duarte

Athletic Damon Heart returns home to find handsome Pietro Duarte at his boyfriend’s apartment. Beefy Pietro tries to convince the horny stud that he is in fact his lover, but Damon needs way more than a few words to play along. Pietro does everything he’s been taught, and gives Damon’s big cock the best homecoming blowjob he’s ever gotten before spreading his juicy, bubble butt, and mounting Damon for a sweet ride.


“Putting the ASS in Assistant” (part 1) – Paddy O’Brian and Drew Dixon

Horny hunk Paddy O’Brian gets caught watching porn, and masturbating his huge dick at his desk by his tall, athletic assistant, Drew Dixon. Paddy orders him to get some coffee so Drew hurries out of the room, but it’s not long before muscular Paddy corners him in the kitchen, and insists they talk about what just happened. However, Drew doesn’t have anything to say, and would rather use his mouth to suck on Paddy’s cock, and ultimately show him he’s much better than any porn he’s watching.

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