MEN update: Myles Landon, Zane Anders, Killian Knox, Pierce Paris, Cazden Hunter & more

The network is pumping out scenes like usual and here are three videos worth checking out. Zane Anders takes Myles Landon’s daddy dick in “Providing The Best Service“, while Justin Matthews fucks Killian Knox in “Working Up A Sweat“. This is Killian’s first scene, but I’m sure you have seen some of his scenes for My Friend’s Feet or Pride Studios. The latest release is called “Up The Ante“. It’s a hot bareback scene in which Cazden Hunter bottoms for Pierce Paris.

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“Providing The Best Service” – Myles Landon and Zane Anders


Chiseled stud Myles Landon just landed, and can’t wait to get in the shower. In the meantime, he asks room service to unpack his bag, and lucky hunk Zane Anders gets tasked with the job. Tall, slim Zane is shocked to see the all the dildos at the bottom of his bag, and his curiosity gets the better of him as he tests one of them out on his tight, little hole. Horny Myles exits the shower, and catches him, but the only thing he wants to do now is to give Zane a big, full sampling of the real thing!


“Working Up A Sweat” – Justin Matthews and Killian Knox


Buff, bald-headed Killian Knox and athletic hottie Justin Matthews work up a sweat as they take their training outdoors under the hot sun, but the real payoff comes when they hit the showers to cool off their hard bodies, and hung dicks. Of course, one would argue that sucking dick, eating ass, and getting your hole pumped is definitely adding another workout, but who’s counting anyway?


“Up The Ante” – Pierce Paris and Cazden Hunter


Tall, athletic Pierce Paris is working for a car service, and his client dark-haired Cazden Hunter won’t stop commenting on how good he looks. Normally the shy hunk doesn’t mind, but he’s not used to men coming on to him, and asks the chiseled cutie to quit it. Cazden just can’t help his curiosity, and offers him a generous tip if he’ll show him how big his dick is. Pierce can do with the extra coins so he pulls out his massive, thick cock, and collects his cash. Horny Cazden doesn’t stop there as he offers him an even bigger tip to come upstairs, and turn him into his bottom bitch.

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