MEN update: Damien Stone, Steven Roman, Ricky Daniels, Addison Graham & Jake Porter

Here are the three latest releases from the network. Muscle top Damien Stone pounds Steven Roman’s ass in “Late Check-Out“. The sexy Addison Graham gets fucked by Ricky Daniels (aka Ricky Shields… as Bromo likes to call him). This bareback video is called “It Pays To Get Laid“. Today’s release is called “Switch Glass” and has been rewarded with a 93% score by the members. This super hot video shows Jake Porter taking Shane Jackson’s raw cock.

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“Late Check-Out” – Damien Stone and Steven Roman


Muscular hunk Damien Stone and beefy stud Steven Roman end up crossing paths when their room check-ins collide. Damien asked for a late checkout, but it wasn’t approved so Steven entered the room to find him in the shower. Dark-haired Steven couldn’t help himself as he watched the water roll down Damien’s hard body, and down his fat, uncut cock, and to his surprise Damien didn’t mind him watching one bit!


“It Pays To Get Laid” – Ricky Daniels and Addison Graham


Good-looking Ricky Daniels is sitting at a bar, and overhears the owner tall, slim Addison Graham, pleading with someone over the phone to give him more time to come up with some cash. Muscular Ricky hears him saying he would even suck a dick if he has too so naturally he proposes to pay him to do exactly that. Addison doesn’t waste any time getting on his knees, and sliding Ricky’s massive cock all the way to the back of his throat. A few positions and some dick pumps lead them to a satisfying orgasm.


“Switch Glass” – Shane Jackson and Jake Porter


Handsome Jake Porter and cutie Shane Jackson get caught up in a rough game of footsie during a work meeting. Chiseled Jake is so horny that as soon as the others leave, he jumps right up onto the table so he can pull athletic Shane’s long cock out, and into his mouth. They 69 right there on the table blowing each other’s hung dicks before Jake sits his eager ass right on top of him for a stiff ride.

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