Josh fucks Deacon in a cum-filled Sean Cody video and newcomer Homer jerks off

Sean Cody’s weekend release brings together hot muscle hunks Josh and Deacon. The two guys are clearly into each other, which makes for a very hot and passionate scene…. and a LOT of cumshots. There are seven cumshots to be seen to be precise.

Sean Cody

The chemistry between ripped cutie Deacon (Asher’s real-life boyfriend) and athletic hunk Josh (Brayden’s boyfriend in real life) is undeniable! These two can’t keep their hands off of each other so this is sure to be a memorable fuck for both of them. “I kind of had a crush on him ever since he first did a film so it’ll be exciting to do one with him as well,” says Josh. “Do you think you can take me?” asks Deacon.

“I like that he’s shredded, and his legs are huge,” replies Josh. Josh tackles Deacon to the ground revealing his plump, juicy butt. “Well I guess it’s yours; you win,” says Deacon amusingly. He continues, “This guy smells amazing. Jesus! That’s a man right here!”

Sean Cody has just released Homer’s solo scene. Scroll further down this page to see him playing with his hard cock.

Watch Josh fuck Deacon in this cum-filled video



Blue-eyed cutie Homer is a fit, toned 25-year-old who enjoys getting outdoors, and staying active. He spends his free time hiking, Netflixing, and reading. This blond-haired top is pretty simple when it comes to his porn. “I like to watch homemade porn basically; amateur. I like to think about who I’ve known from back in the day,” says Homer.

He continues, “My fantasy is having sex at school. I eventually did in college, but I never got to do it in high school.” “I lost my virginity in the 8th grade, at a movie theater. She just started sucking my dick, and the next thing I know my pants were on the ground, and she was on top of me.” “I’ve honestly never had sex in public besides my first time, but I do want too!”

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Sean Cody


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