GayHoopla update: Collin Simpson, Travis Youth, Ryan Lacey and Bryce Beckett

The guys at GayHoopla have been releasing some very hot scenes lately, so lets have a look at a few of their recent releases. Muscle hunk Collin Simpson fucks Travis Youth’s hole and bottoms for Ryan Lacey. The most recent GayHoopla scene shows hot and big newcomer Bryce Beckett showing off his muscular body and playing with his hard dick.

Watch Collin Simpson, Travis Youth, Ryan Lacey and Bryce Beckett at GayHoopla


Collin Simpson fucks Travis Youth’s tight ass


Mr. Three-Piece-Suit, Travis Youth is back and in full action. Collin Simpson and Travis hit it off simply in passing. Collin was finishing a shoot and Travis had just showed up from the airport. After a quick hello, nice to meet ya, these two muscle bound hunks were balls deep about their love for fitness and bodybuilding.

This mutual interest lead to mutual attraction as well. It was almost like these studs admired one another and all of the hard work they had committed to their bods. The intensity they have in the gym rolled over to the rough, hot, passionate sex in the bedroom.


Collin Simpson bottoms for Ryan Lacey


It’s about time that Ryan Lacey‘s curiosity got the best of him. Collin Simpson popped his man-on-man cherry back in October when Ryan decided that a blowjob from Collin didn’t sound like too bad of an idea. A blowjob is a blowjob, right? This time, things are different… and in a very good way.

Ryan admitted to us that his blowjob from Collin was better than he had ever received from any girl and that fact alone was enough to keep young Ryan thinking. Long story short, Ryan had heard that fucking someone in the ass is so much better and tighter. He thought this was worth exploring further and hit us up. We got him and Collin back together for round two of their experimentation. We will put it this way… everything went very good and we’re pretty sure that big-dicked Ryan will be scoping out guys to fuck in his personal life too. Go live your life Ryan!


Big muscle jock Bryce Beckett jerks off


Huge, jacked, corn-fed, country boy Bryce Beckett is as American as a warm slice of apple pie. At 6’5″ and around 250 lbs, this guy is really massive. Big Bryce also pushes big weight in the gym as well. A natural power lifter that holds several collegiate weight lifting records, Bryce is that dreamy jock that you just can’t keep your mind off of. Oh ya, he was an All-American college football player too. Is there anything Bryce can’t do?

Don’t be intimidated by this gentle giant though… He is extremely personable, intelligent, open-minded, and down to earth! Our kind of guy, and we think your’s too! Enjoy getting to know everything, inside and out, of this big muscular guy.


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