Ayden bottoms for Archie in his first hardcore video and young newcomer Ilan jerks off

Remember Ayden’s solo scene that was released a little over a week ago? The hot newcomer played with his thick uncut cock and left us wanting for more. He’s back already and bottoms for Archie in today’s Sean Cody release. The two guys look great together and they got plenty of chemistry going on!

The sun is out, and so are the boys! Muscular hunk Archie and ripped cutie Ayden worship each other’s nearly nude bodies with a bottle of sunscreen. “It squirted all over you,” says brown-haired Archie. “Man, just rub it in,” replies Ayden as Archie sensually rubs the lotion into his chest.

“These are some nice shoulders, and you’re so muscular,” comments Archie. “You are too,” responds Ayden while flexing his arms. They lock lips for a passionate kiss, and slowly make their way into a private room. Ayden drops to his knees in hurry taking in Archie’s manhood. “Damn, you don’t waste any time!” says Archie leaning back to enjoy his wet blowjob.

In case you’ve missed this week’s solo scene, please scroll down for the video trailer of sexy Ilan.

Watch Ayden bottom for Archie in his first hardcore scene

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Brown-haired, boyish looking Ilan is a 21-year-old student who was born and raised in California. This athletic cutie is one smart cookie as he’s currently studying psychology and has a minor in business. “My dream job, funny enough, would be to be an entertainer. Maybe a comedian ’cause I think I’m a pretty funny guy,” says Ilan. “I probably watch porn once a week.

Something about the ass is super sexual, and appealing. We just wanna fuck it!” “I love getting my dick sucked. Deep-throating it feels best, but I also really like when they suck my balls ’cause it tickles, and it feels nice,” states Ilan. “As of right now my sex life is good. I hook up with people when I want to, but I’m definitely in the experimental phase when it comes to sex.”

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