Scott Finn and Jesse Kovac flip-fuck and Monte Marcello jerks off for Active Duty

Three weeks ago, Active Duty introduced us to newcomer Jesse Kovac. The sexy recruit played with his thick cock in a hot solo video. Now, he’s back and he has been paired up with Scott Finn. The two guys take turns sucking and fucking each other in Active Duty’s most recent release. They also introduces another sexy newcomer, called Monte Marcello. He jerks his juicy uncut cock and shoots a creamy load.

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Watch Scott Finn and Jesse Kovac flip-fuck and watch Monte’s solo debut


Scott Finn and Jesse Kovac in a bareback flip-fuck scene


Once Scott Finn is done introducing the two they lie back on the bed and start rubbing their cocks. Scott asks Jesse if it’s ok for him to help him out some and Jesse is all game. Scott grabs his hard cock and puts every inch of it in his eager wet mouth. He takes it balls deep gagging on it making Jesse Kovac tilt his head back in bliss. Jesse is enjoying the great blow job but he wants to try blowing his first cock and Scott is ready for it. Jesse slowly wraps his virgin lips around Scott’s throbbing hard dick and takes every inch down his throat. The look on Scott’s face means that Jesse is doing a fantastic job at sucking cock for his first time.

Jesse bends Scott’s tight little ass over and pushes his hard cock into the tight hole making Scott quiver with delight. Jesse loves the way his ass feels and begins to thrust harder and deeper the more comfortable he becomes. Jesse bends his ass over for Scott and Scott eases his hard cock into his tight virgin ass. Scott pushes in balls deep and once Jesse releases his breath Scott begins to thrust faster. Scott strokes Jesse as he fucks him with a great pace until Jesse shoots his load all over his ripped chest and once Scott sees that he pulls his cock out and strokes his load all over Jesse’s cum filled chest.


Newcomer Monte Marcello strokes his uncut cock


Once Dirk lets him loose he starts jacking his uncut cock like crazy and I mean I’ve never seen anyone yank on their cock like that before. Dirk had to tell him to calm down and relax so he wouldn’t bust his nut in five minutes. Dirk calmed Monte Marcello down which you will see how real we treat our soldiers in the field of battle. We want all new recruits to feel welcome and comfortable as they express themselves. Monte slowed it up and he revealed his uncut throbbing cock to us… showing us his foreskin as he peels it back and strokes his dick slowly. He loved showing it off like that and he’s never had the chance to show off his uncut cock in this kind of environment.

Monte was okay with it and followed orders. Monte even gave us a wink with his tight pink ass and it was amazing. Monte got comfortable once again after showing us his ass and he laid out on his back legs spread and started jack his hard throbbing uncut cock once again. His dick is ready to explode as he has built up one big load with all the quick stroking. Dirk tells him he’s ready for his glory shot and Monte doesn’t hold back and finally releases his built up load all over himself.

Active Duty

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and watch Scott and Jesse flip-fuck and Monte’s solo debut

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