Next Door update: Ryker Fox, Carter Woods, Quin Quire, Ricky Ridges, David Rose and more

This Next Door Studios update covers the gay porn studio’s four most recent releases. Quin Quire bottoms for the handsome Carter Woods in a scene called “Party Retreat“. Hot and hung newcomer Ryker Fox gets fucked by Dante Martin in “Pump & Pound“. The third scene is a flip-fuck scene starring Jacob Peterson and Princeton Price. This one is called “Trading Shots“. The last scene is called “Behind Him” and shows us Ricky Ridges plowing David Rose’s ass.

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“Party Retreat” – Carter Woods and Quin Quire


Even though the party is in full swing, Carter Woods and Quin Quire clearly would rather be alone together somewhere, so when Quin excuses himself to use the ‘restroom’, it’s only a matter of time before Carter follows. Sure enough, Carter tracks Quin to a private room downstairs and without words, they act on the looks they’ve been giving each other all afternoon. Carter throws Quin onto the bed and jumps on top of him, ripping their clothes off as they take turns sucking each other off and worshipping the other’s body. Carter straddles Quin’s face as he deep throats his cock. They 69 until they’re both rock hard, then Quin flips him over and tongues Carter’s ass. Carter is so hot for Quin’s ass that he just flips over and tells Quin to get on top. Quin rides him raw, jerking his hard cock in Carter’s face as Carter fills him full of dick. He flips Quin over and pounds him from above, grabbing his legs for leverage and giving Quin everything he’s got, fucking the cum out of Quin before pulling out and blasting him with his load. Laughing, they introduce themselves as Quin wipes the cum clean.


“Pump & Pound” – Dante Martin and Ryker Fox


Hot and hung newcomer Ryker Fox has been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, so he’s pretty satisfied with himself until roomie Dante Martin starts messing with him, telling him he really can’t see any gains. Ryker insists on showing Dante, modeling different parts and making him feel the muscles. Dante likes what he sees, but doesn’t let on until he senses Ryker’s dick getting hard inside his shorts. ‘One thing is definitely getting bigger,’ he says with a laugh, as he reveals Ryker’s cock and downs it in one fell swoop. He deep throats Ryker before bending him over and sliding his rock hard dick into Ryker’s bareback hole, then proceeds to give Ryker a different sort of pump and pound, pile driving him and filling him up with hot meat before emptying his protein shake all over Ryker’s freshly fucked hole.


“Trading Shots” – Jacob Peterson and Princeton Price


Even though Jacob Peterson has never played pool in his life, he gives it a go, but quickly is out-classed by Princeton Price‘s experience. But once the last ball is sunk, Princeton shifts his focus to a different set of balls, and all of a sudden, Jacob shows just how proficient he can be with a stick in his hands. He shows all the form of a polished pro, as he polished Princeton’s prick with his mouth, before letting Princeton go deep into his pocket. Princeton sinks his shot and gives Jacob the game of his life, before pulling out and busting his rack all over Jacob’s ass. As they fall back onto the table, exhausted and fulfilled, Jacob asks him if he wants to go best 2 out of 3. Princeton laughs and grabs his stick for another go round.


“Behind Him” – Ricky Ridges and David Rose


With their holiday trip approaching, David Rose is concerned about what his family will think of boyfriend Ricky Ridges, and his nerves are showing. He’s visibly a mess as Ricky finds him staring out the window in dreaded anticipation. Luckily Ricky has an idea to ease his tension and take his mind off his worries. David smiles. Temporary distraction is exactly what he needs, and Ricky’s thick dick will do nicely. David helps himself, downing Ricky’s dick to the base as he deep throats it, licking the head before fingering himself for Ricky. David bends over and Ricky plunges his raw cock deep inside David’s hole, fucking him hard enough to make him forget his name, much less his worries. David climbs aboard and his anxiety melts away as he shoots his load all over himself. Rickey pulls out and blasts him with his load as the two of them fall back into bed and laugh their troubles away.

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