Helix Studios releases final 2 scenes from “Vegas Nights” and Josh Brady fucks Dylan Hayes

The guys from Helix Studios have released the two final scenes from their “Vegas Nights” series. The fifth part is a 7-guy bareback orgy in which both Joey Mills and Kyle Ross are getting double-penetrated. The sixth and final part is a very romantic scene starring Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill.

And in case you’ve missed the studios’ first scene of the new year, also check out “Bubble Butt Bareback” in which Dylan Hayes takes a hard and raw pounding from Josh Brady.

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“Vegas Nights” (part 5) – Kyle Ross, Tyler Hill, Joey Mills, Cameron Parks, Julian Bell, Angel Rivera & Corey Marshall


What’s better than a good orgy? Especially when it’s shared between the best of friends! As Tyler tells Cameron, give in to your animal instincts. Everyone has a place, even if it’s sitting on someone else’s face. The boys are doubling down with double-teaming and double penetration, and that’s just the beginning – wait until you see the end. Don’t miss Kyle Ross, Tyler Hill, Joey Mills, Cameron Parks, Julian Bell, Angel Rivera and Corey Marshall in this 7-guy bareback orgy!


“Vegas Nights” (part 6) – Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill


Despite having played well with others in the past, Tyler Hill only has eyes for Cameron Parks. The coy cuties have shared glances, kisses, and an orgy, but now they are thinking about sharing something else entirely, something more permanent.


“Bubble Butt Bareback” – Josh Brady and Dylan Hayes


This is the epic pairing you’ve been waiting for! Alpha ass master Josh Brady and dick whore Dylan Hayes finally cum head to head in a butt banging battle of porn royalty. With only a few titles under his belt, hottie Hayes already has a righteous reputation. The too pretty, tan twunk has tremendous talents on each end! His tight pucker- schlong sucker is surrounded by a beautiful bubble butt that can take a pounding. But this….. this is the clash of the titans folks!

The chemistry is crazy hot from the start as hog hungry Hayes inhales Josh’s giant like a starving slut on a meaty mission. He bathes Brady’s big beef stick from tip to taint with undeniable talent. The young stud would be happy to dine on dick for days; but, Brady wants a taste of that bountiful booty. He bends the boy over and heats his hot hole with a wet, warm tongue and strong ass spreading hands. Juicy jock Josh thumbs bottom boy’s button; then, brings home the bareback bacon he’s famous for! Our thorough bread thrust master manhandles Dylan’s donk deliciously.

He delivers dick long and hard while Hayes helps out, reaching back and spreading his smooth, firm chunky cheeks to accommodate every inch. Jam master Josh swats the boy’s beautiful backseat and orders him onto his back where Hayes’ rock hard hog can be on full display. Josh’s topping talents shine bright as he bangs ass like a beast never missing a beat. Drunk on good dick, Dylan is ready to show off his HUGE talent for taking it.

The horny bottom hops on Brady’s bare boner and opens up, exhibiting that extraordinary bubble booty while riding his way to gooey glory! The tasty twunk enjoys every inch Brady bangs up in him until he can no longer hold his load. He splashes hot young spunk all the way up top man’s torso and yet, still keeps on taking that thick trunk to the base till Brady unloads every oozy ounce into his dick hungry hole. There is absolutely no better booty for a crazy hot, cream pie- porn perfect- fuck finale than this fine-assed fella!


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