Helix Studios update: Andy Taylor, Aiden Garcia, Micah West, Dylan Hayes & more

This Helix Studios update covers the three most recent releases. Andy Taylor flip-fucks with Aiden Garcia in “Muse” and bottoms for big-dicked jock Corey Marshall in “Sleeping Giant“. The scene in between those two releases brings together Micah West and Dylan Hayes and is called “Light My Fire“.

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“Muse” – Andy Taylor and Aiden Garcia


Superstar Andy Taylor took a brief hiatus from filming; but, the beautiful bubble bootied boy is back and, naturally needs new promo pix to go with his bangin’ new, more buff bod! Aiden Garcia offers his photography skills and the tasty twosome pool their talents by taking some seriously sexy shots in a gorgeous garden. Their chemistry is undeniable; and, soon enough their flirting turns to red hot, bareback fucking! Andy thanks Aiden for the photos by servicing his nearly foot long schlong on his knees before Garcia has the boy bend over to get at that bodacious bubble butt! Garcia gorges on the guy’s gluteus while Taylor reaches back to pull Aiden’s pretty face deeper into his perfectly smooth pucker.

After filling up on that phat fanny, Aiden aims his uncut appendage at Andy’s ass and plows the pretty boy like the driven snow. Apparently, Aiden’s got a ticket to ride; and, he cashes it in by climbing on Andy’s thick, apple headed dick! Garcia’s groin is big, rock hard and pointing due north while bouncing on our boy’s beautiful bare bone. Taylor is an amazing bottom and, he’s also a mighty fine top! He gets good and aggressive, tossing Aiden onto his back without missing one butt bangin’ bareback beat! After a while, Andy’s hot hole does miss Aiden’s ass assassin; so, he hops back up on the saddle and takes Garcia’s horse hung hog on a rough ride for round two!

The flip flop fucker’s fires are heating and they’re in desperate need of release. Andy opens his valve first, letting loose and nailing Aiden right in his luscious lips! The rest of his raunchy wrath creates a sticky river of ripe young spunk, straight up the center of Aiden’s sexy bronze torso. Garcia wipes the cum from his cock sucker, plants a kiss on Taylor then, continues cramming that huge kickstand up Andy’s amazing ass! After busting inside the boy’s beautiful booty, he whips his satisfied schlong out as Andy’s ass oozes every ounce of naughty butt nut onto Garcia’s still engorged groin. Ahhhh, cream pie….always the most delicious dessert.


“Light My Fire” – Micah West and Dylan Hayes


Dylan Hayes and Micah West are on a romantic getaway at a picturesque cabin in the woods. Mr. Hayes likes to keep things hot; so, he suggests they light a fire. Our deliciously devoted dick devil Micah heads outside to chop some wood. Back inside he ignites Dylan’s desires with a kiss and a night of ferocious, fired up fucking begins! Dylan heads down to check out West’s quickly thickening wood and licks the lad’s extra large log on his knees while marveling at the magnificence of Micah’s meat. After Dylan dines like a king on that colossal cock, West offers his services and plants his perfect lips around Hayes’ thick dick while Dylan helps him out with a hand on the back of his head.

Pretty boy Dylan is delicious on BOTH ends and shows off his bubbled up back side by bending over the couch. Micah can’t resist munching the dude’s smooth, dick hungry hole and tongue blasts the boy’s butt beautifully, opening him up for a raw ride on his big, bareback rig. Hayes hops his heated hind end onto Micah’s massive tool and takes it for a rough, rump ramming ride. Horned up and hypnotized, West keeps gazing between pretty boy’s face and fat phallus, each equally enticing. Then, the strong dirty blond top lifts Hayes in the air, puts him on his back and brings the hammer down extra hard while Dylan begs for more bone.

With West’s wide weapon slamming his hot spot, Dylan’s dick explodes, splashing hot horny heat all over his tight, tan torso! Even after he pops, Dylan wants more of Micah’s massive meat and plants his pretty face right in the line of fire, getting a gorgeous mouthful of sticky mung all over his mug and tongue. But, that isn’t even enough for this insatiable slut! He deep throats West’s wang once more, making sure to drain every last lick of liquid lust before kissing his boy full on the lips as the fire continues to burn….


“Sleeping Giant” – Corey Marshall and Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor comes home to find his boyfriend, Corey Marshall curled up on the couch fast asleep. Having missed the magnificent mountain of a young man all day, Taylor hops right on top of him. Reaching down, he says, “someone’s been missing me!” And, Corey definitely has missed his man. He cups his can while the couple kiss and breath one another in heavily before Andy unbuttons Marshall’s shirt; then, he works his way down to Corey’s bulging light grey groin huggers. It won’t belong before the threats burst trying to hold this big beast back; so, Taylor releases the Kraken and sucks some mean cock! Mr. Jock Body loves a good ass and, Andy’s got one of the best! He bends the boy over the couch and gets the guy’s motor running with a tongue bath to that beautifully smooth backside.

The bossy bottom pulls Corey’s perfect face deeper into his derriere then, plants a kiss on him and lubes up his already spit slick, schlong hungry chute. After all, he needs all the help he can get with Marshall’s meaty monster on the way. Andy assumes the position and Corey pushes forward with his extra fat phallus. With Taylor bent over the arm of the couch, Marshall restrains his slam-bang desires and starts off slow….. but only for a second! It isn’t long before he’s bustin’ ass like a beast! Moans of pleasure pour from Andy while his rock hard piece swings like a heavy pendulum with ever thrust of Corey’s cock. Our beautiful bottom then takes the best seat in the house, spread eagle for the camera on Corey’s cock! His own beefy bone bounces hypnotically while top dawg cups his caboose, slamming Andy’s ass up and down on that “D” with erotic fuck force.

When the two beautiful boys finally come face to face in a perfect position, their cock rocking chemistry is obvious; and, it isn’t long before Taylor shoots a tidal wave of wet, warm, warrior wank all over his chiseled torso as he looks into Corey’s eyes. Andy’s gaze would entice anyone but it has a special effect on Marshall and he’s ready to bust! He hikes his huge hog up by Andy’s mouth and fires hot fuck at his fine ass fella’s perfect face. He splashes his sexy young stud with salty seed, dousing the dude’s chest and thirsty throat. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, Taylor takes the tasty torpedo in his mouth once more, milking out overt last drop of delicious dick.

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