Big-dicked Mick is already back for his first hardcore scene and fucks Marco

At the beginning of the week, big-dicked newcomer Mick played with his thick 9 inch cock and rubbed out a load. Three days later, Sean Cody already releases his first hardcore scene in which he fucks Marco. This is Marco’s second hardcore video… after his bottoming scene with Hayes back in September 2018.

Mick is a bit of a goofy guy and has a big cock – which often is a good combination – but unfortunately he lacks performance. Marco isn’t the greatest performer either, so in that light you could say that this is a good match… too bad it doesn’t work that way ;)

In case you’ve missed Mick’s solo performance, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Watch big-dicked Mick fuck Marco’s ass at Sean Cody


Big-dicked Mick fucks Marco’s bare ass

Dark-haired, muscular Marco is ready to stretch his hole for tall, slender newcomer, Mick, and show him what a real bottom bitch feels like. “I’m looking forward to playing with this booty, and hopefully coming multiple times today,” says cute Mick while grabbing on Marco’s plump rear. “So you’re going to have fun today,” replies hunky Marco. “I think it’s going to feel good. I’ve never done anal before so it will feel different,” states Mick. “I’m excited! I like being the first for a lot of things,” responds Marco. Thirsty Marco takes a taste test of Mick’s massive cock, and that is when Mick concludes that it’s time to bring the action inside.


Mick strokes his thick 9 incher for Sean Cody

Tall, slender Mick is a 20-year-old professional welder. He takes good care of his athletic, chiseled body, and stays fit by being active. “I’m pretty much bi. I’m only really comfortable with a guy sucking me off, but I’m very willing to try. I want to experience everything, and I am not against anything. I want to go everywhere, and try everything before I die,” says good-looking Mick. “I’ve tried anal sex with girls, but none of them have let me!” states Mick. “I think most guys would actually let me, and I would be more willing with a guy because I feel like he could take it.”

Sean Cody

Watch Mick’s solo and first hardcore scene at Sean Cody