Sean Cody newcomer Maddox fucks Lane while Jackson bottoms for Brysen

Below you’ll find the trailers for this year’s last two hardcore scenes from Sean Cody. Both scenes are very hot! Pansexual boxer Maddox is back for his first hardcore scene in which he fucks power bottom Lane. Maddox’s solo video was hot and so is his first duo. He knows how to use that big cock and takes control of his bottom. The weekend release is even hotter. Jackson opens his hole for Brysen and his big raw cock. Don’t miss these two releases!

Watch Maddox, Lane, Jackson and Brysen fuck at Sean Cody

Sean Cody

Newcomer Maddox fucks Lane in his first hardcore scene


Tall, slender Lane and athletic Maddox cuddle up for a little chat before things heat up. “I have a better name for you. I’m thinking it should be “Mad Dick Maddox”, what do you think?” asks tattooed Lane. “Well, you’re going to find out in a little while. We’ll get to that!” replies good-looking Maddox. He continues, “So how do you like to be fucked Lane?” “Really rough and very aggressive. I’ve had some big tops throw me around before,” replies brown-haired Lane. “I fuck just as hard as I fight,” says Maddox. “Well then I’m ready!” states Lane.


Jackson bottoms for Brysen and takes his big raw cock


Fit Brysen and hunky Jackson are at the park trying to get in a quick workout, but Jackson can’t keep his hands off of Brysen’s beefy body. “He was trying to fuck me right there in the park!” Brysen brags, horny Jackson laughs and nods his head. Now the two are back at Brysen’s place. Sure, working out together is nice, but these two dark-haired studs are ready to have some real fun! “So, before you got out here,” tattooed Brysen asks, “did you ever watch any of my films?” Jackson pauses to think, “Ya, I did look you up – so I knew who I’d be filming with.” A wide grin breaks across Brysen’s face, “Oh ya, and were you excited?” Jackson lets out a charming laugh. “Oh, I was quite impressed!” Brysen’s smiles grows even wider, “and, did you prepare?” Jackson looks at Bryce, “listen, I tried, but there is really no preparing for this… you’re huge!”


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