Randy fucks Dexter’s big bubble butt and newcomer Raiin jerks off for Sean Cody

Sean Cody’s weekend release is one you shouldn’t miss. The studio has paired up Randy with his big cock and Dexter with his big bubble butt and the result is awesome and then some more. This week’s newcomer is a sexy Russian guy, called Raiin. The 26 year old newcomer rubs out two thick loads in his solo debut. Raiin’s solo is another one worth to check out!

Sean Cody

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Randy fucks Dexter’s big bubble butt

Tall, fit Randy and athletic cutie Dexter are getting ready to enter the home dugout for some backdoor sliding in their sexy jock straps. “Randy, you look so good! You must be in the gym like every day,” comments brown-haired Dexter. “It’s been a little bit, but I’ll get back into it,” responds handsome Randy. “Look at that dick! My gosh you’re so gorgeous, and so manly looking. You’ve got a perfect smile,” says Dexter swooning while cupping Randy’s cock. “Damn, look at that ass! There’s no hair in there so I can fuck him for as long as I want, and it won’t chafe my dick up. It’s gonna be a damn good time!” says Randy.


Russian newcomer Raiin rubs out 2 loads

Raiin is a 26-year-old attractive, chiseled Russian import who has been living in the U.S. for about a year now. He couldn’t take the cold anymore, and decided he would settle in the South. “One thing I love is that there are way more opportunities here, and more ways to earn money,” says brown-haired Raiin. “Usually, I like gentle sex with kissing and hugging, but I can slap you and spit on you if you want it,” says Raiin amusingly. “I’ve had sex with both girls and guys, so I would consider myself as bi,” affirms Rain. “I like a guy with an athletic body, but not over muscled or too skinny. He should also have a smooth, shaved body, and dick! I like them around my age group, and with at least 1 or 2 tattoos.” Now this is a man who knows exactly what he wants!


Watch Randy fucking Dexter and Raiin rubbing out two thick loads