update: Pierre Fitch, William Seed, Johnny Rapid, JJ Knight, Beaux Banks & more

Here’s an overview of the four latest releases. Dustin Holloway gets fucked by Pierre Fitch and Theo Ross in “Not Exactly Marriage Material“. In the second scene from “Cum To Life“, we’re seeing Justin Matthews’ action figures come to life; William Seed gives Johnny Rapid is a deep pounding. Shane Jackson bottoms for JJ Knight in “Prime Time” part one. Aspen fucks Beaux Banks in the most recent release, called “Anything For My Brother“.

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“Not Exactly Marriage Material” – Theo Ross, Pierre Fitch and Dustin Holloway

Brown-haired jock Dustin Holloway recently went through a break-up, and in an effort to make his ex jealous, he decided to start looking for a new man! He answered an ad from sexy, chiseled Theo Ross, and agreed to marry him so he could stay in the country, but was disappointed to find out he was straight. Or at least blond-haired Theo made it seem that way! Dustin got home early one day and caught him making out with athletic, tattooed Pierre Fitch. Theo couldn’t risk losing him, so he invited Dustin’s massive cock to join them for a sex-filled threesome.


“Cum To Life” (part 2) – William Seed, Johnny Rapid and Justin Matthews

Chiseled Justin Matthews is playing with his Johnny Rapid and William Seed figurines, and wishing he could watch them fuck in real life. After some quick masturbation, Justin knocks out leaving the toys to come to life! Slender, fit Johnny and ripped hunk William Seed become full-size long enough for dick hungry Johnny to suck tattooed William’s thick, hung cock, and to get his eager horny ass caved in.


“Prime Time” (part 1) – JJ Knight and Shane Jackson

Tall hunk JJ Knight is the host of Primetime, and his ratings have been dropping. He isn’t happy that they moved his show to a later time slot, but he is determined to climb the charts again! His first guest of the night is athletic, cute Shane Jackson, and the only question he wants answered is about the size of the biggest dick he’s ever taken. Brown-haired Shane is a little shy to answer, but horny JJ whips out his massive cock so he can compare, and soon the two are fucking on live T.V! Will the ratings rise as quickly as their hung dicks?


“Anything For My Brother” – Aspen and Beaux Banks

Fit cutie Beaux Banks has a crush on his sister’s boyfriend, muscular, hunk Aspen, and desperately wants a piece of his ass. She sets up a sexy cam session with tattooed Aspen, and tells Beaux to hide out in the bedroom closet so he can watch it all unfold. Little did she know brown-haired Beaux had other plans in mind! He emerges from his hiding place, and begins blowing Aspen’s fat, thick cock before mounting it, and straddling him until they both cum.

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