MEN update: Axel Kane, Shane Jackson, Ryan Bones, Francois Sagat, JJ Knight & Johnny Rapid

This update covers three hot scenes that have recently been released by the gay porn mega site. Bearded bottom Shane Jackson gets fucked by Axel Kane in “Are You Real?“. The second scene from the “Sacred Band of Thebes” series brings together Ryan Bones and Francois Sagat. Fan-favorite Johnny Rapid is back and takes JJ Knight’s big dick in the first scene from a new mini-series, called “Cum To Life“.

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“Are You Real?” – Axel Kane and Shane Jackson

Ripped hunk Axel Kane is trying to masturbate when suddenly handsome, beefy Shane Jackson appears out of nowhere, and then suddenly disappears again. Dark-haired Axel isn’t sure if he’s dreaming or seeing things! He heads into the kitchen to get something to eat, and just like that Shane is back! Axel isn’t sure if he’s a real person or a figment of his imagination, but he’s too horny to care as Shane starts blowing him.


“Sacred Band of Thebes” (part 2) – Ryan Bones and Francois Sagat

As the men of Thebes duke it out to see who will actually be able to battle, muscular hunk Ryan Bones and ripped stud Francois Sagat go head to head, and battle it out until submission. Tattooed Ryan overtakes Francois, and gets him down on his knees so he can comfortably get his cock wet inside his mouth before bending his big, round bubble butt over to slide his thick meat inside of him.


“Cum To Life” (part 1) – JJ Knight and Johnny Rapid

Athletic hunk JJ Knight unknowingly received a surprise package in the mail from lean, fit Johnny Rapid. He opens it up to find a Johnny Rapid action figure that soon comes to life! Adorable Johnny is now in the flesh, and ready to suck some cock before getting his ass pounded by a horny JJ, and his thick, massive dick.

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