Solo performances: James Sinner, Logan Piper, Blake Effortley and Steve Strongarm jerk off

Here are some of the best solo performances from this week. Next Door Studios introduces tattooed newcomer James Sinner and Active Duty brings us hot new recruit Blake Effortley. Logan Piper plays with a dildo and strokes his hard cock for GayHoopla. The latest solo scene from Chaosmen brings us a very hairy newcomer, called Steve Strongarm.


James Sinner for Next Door Studios


James Sinner is a Cali native at the age of just 29 years old standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing in at a strong 160 lbs. His curiosity has led him here where he wants to explore his boundaries and experience some grand new adventures. He works hard during the week doing construction. James loves to work with his hands and enjoys the feeling of a long hard days work. James is extremely sexual and wants to try just about anything as long as it doesn’t hurt. Once he has finished opeing up to us and becoming more comfortable he slides shorts off revealing one huge thick cock which he strokes to perfection. He loves to talk dirty while doing his solo and he lets himself loose as you can see James beome lost in the moment. His big full balls eventually have to be released and he blasts a fountain of cum all over himself.

Watch James Sinner jerk off for Next Door Studios


Blake Effortley for Active Duty


Once Dirk has Blake Effortley more comfortable he sets him loose and Blake begins to take his clothes off revealing his perfectly smooth body and ripped physique. He kicks back in the chair stroking his cock and starts to pour lube all over his smooth dick and balls. He rubs that lube in using it to stroke his sexy smooth dick until its rock hard and throbbing back and forth. Dirk has him sit up and bend over revealing how smooth his tight soldier hole is and his balls hanging from behind. Dirk loves what he sees and after a wink from Blake’s sexy ass he has him flip back over on his back to continue playing with his dick. Blake’s balls are filling up nicely and his dick is oozing out precum and with a few more strokes of his hard cock he calls out to Dirk letting him know he is going to cum. He slides his hand one more time up his shaft and he lets loose his warm jizz all over his smooth ripped chest.

Watch Blake Effortley in his solo debut for Active Duty


Logan Piper for GayHoopla


Check out this blue-eyed honey! Logan Piper is just as good as he looks. Perhaps one of the nicest guys we have ever met… and freakiest. Logan admits that he has a thing for butt stuff and to prove it, he takes us all by surprise when he whips it out in this hot, intense, and intimate jerk off session. Go beyond just the body and get to know everything about this handsome, out-going, young bottom-boy to be! With an ass like that, it would be a damn shame if somebody wasn’t fucking it!

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Steve Strongarm for Chaosmen


It took me a while to get Steve into the studio. We were ready to go months ago, but he does body-building competition, and sometime in August he had a body-building show, and it meant shaving all his body hair off and doing the super tan look. His body hair is kind of unique, and I really wanted to capture that on film. Turned-out, he did not compete, so he hit me back with an email, saying all his fur was still intact, and that he was in peak physical condition. I got him booked as soon I could. We corresponded a lot, and I was eager to get this friendly, furry, muscled teddy bear in the studio. And he sure was confident about doing the video. He is gay, and prefers to bottom. He definitely has the ass for it! Steve likes all ages of guys, but I think has a thing for the fit daddy types. His solo is great, and when he cums and shoots his load over all that fur, it is intensely hot!

Watch Steve Strongarm jerk off at Chaosmen


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