Bearded top Paul stuffs Tim’s mouth and fucks his bare ass in “Power Through”

This Bromo scene – called “Power Through” – has been filmed by their European production team. Bearded stud Paul is checking out some property when he catches blond-haired Tim spray-painting a wall. Fit, slender Tim tries to get away, but the strong stud Paul manages to get him apologetically down on his knees.

He stuffs his mouth and the young boy slobbers all over Paul’s hard, erect cock. The dominant top slides his raw cock inside Tim’s ass and gives the kid a hard and deep ass plowing. He continues to fuck Tim till he blows his load. He then goes to work on Tim’s juicy uncut cock till the boy can’t hold back any longer and coats Paul’s bearded face with cum.

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Watch Paul bareback Tim in the full-length Bromo video


Watch bearded top Paul fuck Tim’s bare ass in Bromo’s “Power Through”