update: Paddy O’Brian, Lukas Daken, Francois Sagat, Trelino, Lucas Fox & more

Today’s update covers the four most recent releases from the gay porn network. Three out of four scenes have been awarded with a 90% score or higher, so get ready for some very horny men in hot action. Tyler Roberts gives Trelino his big cock and warm load in the second scene from the “Taboo” mini-series.

Anal Abduction” is a Halloween-themed threesome starring Paddy O’Brian, Francois Sagat and Lukas Daken. The first part of a new mini-series – called “See You in My Dreams” – is a hot flip-fuck scene starring Louis Ricaute and Lucas Fox. The last release is the third scene from the “Ass Swap” mini-series, in which Pierce Paris barebacks Paul Canon.

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“Taboo” (part 2) – Tyler Roberts and Trelino


Slender, fit Trelino has quite the smelly fetish! He loves smelling sweaty, used socks and underwear, especially from his tall, hot roommate Tyler Roberts. Athletic Tyler comes home to find Trelino sitting on the couch surrounded by his socks and undies that he noticed had been gradually disappearing. Dark-haired Trelino starts to panic, thinking he’s about to get kicked out of the house, but instead Tyler gifts him with a taste of the real thing.


“Anal Abduction” – Paddy O’Brian, Francois Sagat and Lukas Daken


It’s an alien invasion! Chiseled hunk Paddy O’Brian narrowly escapes being sucked into their spaceship when beefy stud Francois Sagat comes to his rescue. At least, that’s what he thought, until he ended up on their lab table! The aliens give him an ass probing with their many toys before revealing their true form. Paddy is shocked, and cannot believe his eyes when Francois and muscular Lukas Daken turn out to be the invaders.


“See You in My Dreams” (part 1) – Louis Ricaute and Lucas Fox


Tall, muscular Lucas Fox and hairy hunk Louis Ricaute are participating in a study to observe their dreams. They get hooked up to a few systems that will monitor their brain activity, and soon enough they meet up in their dreams. Since they could not touch each other in real life, they figured they might as well have a deep, sensual sex session.


“Ass Swap” (part 3) – Pierce Paris and Paul Canon


Tall hunk Pierce Paris is taking a massage therapy class with adorable, slender Paul Canon. He’s taken aback by the realistic fake ass, and can’t help but wonder what it would actually feel like, so he waits for Paul to leave the room, and penetrates the ass with his massive, hung cock. Paul catches him in the act, but instead of freaking out, he decides to swap his ass with the fake one. Pierce fucks him good until he realizes what’s actually happening, but it feels so good that he continues until they both cum.

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