MEN update: Lawrence Portland, Beaux Banks, Axel Kane, Will Braun, Theo Ross & Kit Kohen

This update covers the latest three releases from the gay porn mega site. The sexy Beaux Banks bottoms for Lawrence Portland in the second scene from “Sex Clues“. The second scene from their “Tricky Tricks” mini-series brings together Axel Kane and Will Braun. Today’s release is called “Holiday Humpday” and shows us Theo Ross fucking Kit Cohen.

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“Sex Clues” (part 2) – Lawrence Portland and Beaux Banks


Tall, muscular Lawrence Portland is still on the hunt for his missing twin brother, and he’s still pretending to be him. He meets up with brother’s sexy, chiseled boyfriend, Beaux Banks, and tries to get as much info as possible, but Beaux only has one thing on his mind. The only way Lawrence is going to get any information is by giving Beaux exactly what he wants, which happens to be his massive cock and a good pounding.


“Tricky Tricks” (part 2) – Axel Kane and Will Braun


Sexy, muscular Axel Kane and his wife’s assistant, boyish Will Braun, have been having a secret affair. Dark-haired Axel decided to head over to the office to see his wife, but she wasn’t having it and asked him to leave. However, instead of leaving he decided he might as well get a piece of Will’s sweet bottom since his wife rarely gives him any.


“Holiday Humpday” – Theo Ross and Kit Cohen


Handsome, muscular Theo Ross is home for the holidays, and extremely horny! He heads up into his room for some quiet masturbation time before dinner. Theo is so horny that he starts fucking the macaroni that his brother brought him, and is caught mid-way. He ends up downstairs, and fucks all the food that is on the table including a pie underneath the table. His family catches him, and freaks out over the ruined dinner! He’s about to stuff the turkey when slender and fit Kit Cohen walks in to save the day! He finally gets some real live action, and his thick cock can finally stuff something!

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