MEN update: Damien Stone, Colton Grey, Dante Colle, Shane Jackson, Vadim Black & more

The three latest releases have been rewarded by the members with respectively 92%, 93% and 97% scores. The first two scenes are bareback scenes. Damien Stone fucks Colton Grey’s bare ass in the first scene from a brand new mini-series, called “Sex-Crazed Men“.

Another new series – called “The Longest Erection of my Life” – starts with Dante Colle stuffing Shane Jackson’s ass. Today’s release is the third scene from the “Done Waiting” mini-series in which we see Justin Matthews bottoming for Vadim Black. offers Queer Fever readers a 50% discount! Follow any of the links on this page and pay just 14.99 per month (for life) instead of the regular price of 29.99 per month. The gay porn network also offers a trial membership, which costs you one dollar a day.

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“Sex-Crazed Men” (part 1): Damien Stone and Colton Grey

Blue-eyed hunk Colton Grey just met ripped Damien Stone’s girlfriend, and she revealed that he always wants sex, but she isn’t always in the mood. Tattooed Colton gets her to say a few key words over the phone, and he records it so he can play it back for Damien when he gets home. At first, Damien thinks it’s really her until chiseled Colton turns around and shows himself. Dark-haired Damien doesn’t really know what Colton can do for him, but he is definitely too horny to pass up giving it a try.


“The Longest Erection of my Life” (part 1): Dante Colle and Shane Jackson

Tattooed hunk Dante Colle can’t seem to get a boner long enough to masturbate, but when he finally does get it up, he gets comfortable, and starts masturbating the day away. Athletic, cutie Shane Jackson just happened to be walking by his window, and sneaks into the house to get an up close and personal show. Dark-haired Dante is stunned to see him, but he excited to bust another nut.


“Done Waiting” (part 3): Vadim Black and Justin Matthews

Fit, chiseled hunk Justin Matthews has been following tattooed, muscular Vadim Black on social media for quite some time now and, admittedly, has an insane crush on him. He decides to book a trip to his home state hoping that he will actually get to meet him. To his surprise, he runs into Vadim on a tennis court, and they immediately hit it off. They end up going on a lunch date that ends with a savory side of ass for dessert.

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