Manuel Skye and Kris de Fabio fuck each other raw at Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn has paired up Manuel Skye and Kris de Fabio for some raw flip-fuck fun. They make out before they pull out their throbbing cocks. Manuel drops down and takes Kris’ raging hard cock into his mouth and begins working his wet lips up and down his shaft down to his smooth ball sac. Manuel goes from cock to ball sac and back again as Kris plays with his nipples.

Manuel flicks, licks, bites and tugs away at Kris’ foreskin. Kris backs away, knowing that he is getting too close and has Manuel stand before him. With all that beauty right in front of him, Kris dives right in and begins sucking Manuel’s big cock. He swallows it all the way to the base. After some more cock worshiping, Manuel spreads Kris’ legs open and begins to eat his ass.

Once his hole is all loosened up, Manuel plunges his raw cock, balls deep into Kris’ wet ass. Manuel just loves Kris’ hole and goes from rimming to fucking and back… a couple of times. Manuel wants to feel a cock up his ass, too. He bends over as Kris shoves his raw cock in and out of his hungry hole. The guys switch it up again and this time Kris lowers his tight ass onto Manuel’s throbbing cock. At first Kris has his ass facing us to show us how deep he likes to go.

He then spins around so that we can see all his cock bouncing up and down as he rides that hard dick. They continue to fuck till they can’t hold back any longer. Kris is the first to erupt a creamy load of cum as Manuel continues to fuck his ass. Manuel soon follows and shoots his huge load all over Kris’ face and into his hungry mouth. Kris leans in and licks the last drops of cum from Manuel’s cock head.

Watch Manuel Skye and Kris de Fabio flip-fuck at Kristen Bjorn


Watch Manuel Skye and Kris de Fabio flip-fuck at Kristen Bjorn


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