Zack Hood (aka Thomas Friedl) jerks off a twink and fucks another

Beefy muscle stud Zack Hood (or Thomas Friedl as some studios call him) appears in the latest Twinks in Shorts and Behind Friends releases. He massages twink boy Timmy Cooper and jerks him off for Twinks in Shorts, while he fucks Steaven’s tight bare hole in the latest Behind Friends video. Watching a hung and big guy like Zack have his way with young slender boys never gets boring, so don’t miss his latest videos!


Twinks in Shorts – Zack Hood and Timmy Cooper


When Timmy Cooper walks into Zack Hood’s massage studio, the pretty twink has some attitude. Zack just knows how to give twinks like Timmy an attitude adjustment. Plus, he knows how to give one hell of a massage, too! Zack starts off oiling up Timmy’s back, then running his large hands all over his smooth back. Within minutes, Zack is giving Timmy an intense workout, pulling his limbs for maximum stretch and climbing on top of him to ensure Timmy is manhandled in a deliciously slippery fashion. You can just about smell the oil and feel the burn as Zac gets rough, yanking the twink’s boxers down and smacking his ass. The twink is stretched in ways he’s probably never been stretched before but he doesn’t seem to mind. There’s no objection coming from Timmy as he’s all but twisted into a pretzel! But you see, that’s what you get when you give Zack attitude! By the time Zack pulls Timmy’s legs apart, you’ll be getting hard, especially when you see how the light glints off his shiny, hairy ass, slippery with oil and all but begging to be penetrated. Zack is soon yanking on Timmy’s balls and cock for the sort of massage that borders on CBT. The probing, stretching and pulling continues as Zack flips Timmy’s own legs up and over so the boy’s knees are on either side of his ears and he’s licking the head of his own uncut cock. Fuck! When Timmy can no longer hold back, he grabs hold of his big, uncut dick, starts stroking, and whips out a creamy load of twink jizz. And wait until you see what they do with that load!

Watch Zack Hood have his way with Timmy Cooper at Twinks in Shorts


Behind Friends – Zack Hood barebacks Steaven


Did you ever have a crush on your mailman, bank teller or even a bagger at your local supermarket? Or have you ever been attracted to a regular customer at your own job? A lot of great relationships actually start that way. Well, in the case of Steaven, who owns his own hair salon, and Zack Hood, one of his regular clients, this professional relationship was bound to become a lot more intimate due to their mutual attraction to each other. And one cool thing about this scene is that you can see Steaven show some actual barbering skills as he gives Zack a real buzzcut.

Watch Zack Hood fuck Steaven’s tight bare hole at Behind Friends


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