Woody Fox uses his cock and a big dildo on Max Adonis’ ass in “Buddy System” part five

Falcon Studios has released the fifth scene from their “Buddy System” movie. In this final scene, Woody Fox stuffs Max Adonis‘ ass with a big dildo and his huge cock. When Woody starts his new job writing about consumer products, he’s in for a big surprise when he discovers the products are actually sex toys.

He immediately calls his buddy Max to help him try them out and the two waste no time getting to know the new toys. The studs ditch their clothes and Max gets on his knees to service Woody’s big, uncut hard-on. When Woody is as hard as he can be, he caves to his urges and decides to play with the toys. He bends Max over and plunges his hole with a big stainless-steel dildo.

Falcon Studios

It feels amazing to Max as it stretches his ass and prepares him for Woody’s huge cock. When Woody senses that Max is ready for the real thing, he stands up and slips it deep into Max, pumping harder as he goes deeper on the ripped stud. Max is fully open when Woody asks Max to ride his dick. Max is happy to give Woody what he needs and hops on to take the giant dick.

The two switch it up one last time with Max getting plowed on his back until Max decides he needs to taste Woody’s cum. He rolls over and finishes his sexy buddy off with a hand job pointed right into his own mouth. After Woody blasts his cum into Max’s mouth, he helps Max out one last time by shoving the dildo back into his ass until he blows his hairy cock all over his own writhing body.

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Watch Woody Fox and Max Adonis fuck in “Buddy System” part 5


Watch Woody Fox and Max Adonis fuck in the full-length Falcon Studios video

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